Skyrim is the extreme part of the legendary series of role-playing games from Bethesda. Huge open world, branched pumping system, multifaceted plot and many secrets that you have to look for yourself and find in the most unexpected places. In this article you will learn how to get into the room of developers in Skyrim.

The most accurate calculator for pregnant women by date of last monthly

Woman waiting for a child as a mass of questions about whether her pregnancy is correctly proceeding, whether the development of crumbages is complied with the standards adopted in medicine, are certain sensations naturally. You can find answers to many questions with the help of a calculator, but not usual, and the calculator for pregnant women. About how such counters work are that they show and how accurate will be discussed in this article.

PERMISSIONSEX (PEX) - Setting the rights of players

Allows you to easily distinguish the powers of players on the server. It has built-in MODIFYWORLD add-ons, which makes it possible to determine that players can or cannot change in the game world, as well as Chatmanager with which you can split the chat on the local and global, paint the nicknames of the players and add prefixes and suffixes to them.

How to remove the old tile from the walls in different ways do it yourself

In the course of cosmetic or overhaul, it is often necessary to remove the tile in the bathroom or kitchen. Some owners of apartments and houses do not know how to remove the old tile from the walls with their own hands and prefer to contact the specialists, considering this task for themselves for themselves, but if you get acquainted with this process in more detail, then in the presence of tools and personal desire, the work will be able to do it yourself.

Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker: proportions, recipe, cooking tips -

Rice - Circular Universal. You can cook both loose garnish and gentle rice porridge on milk. In a multicooker, it is easier to do this, because the ingredients do not need to constantly mix, you can be sure that the milk will not run away and will not harvest anything to the container. Such porridge is most often made sweet. Also, you can add dried fruits, pumpkins or other delicious and useful additives.

Osteopenia - treatment, symptoms, causes, diagnosis

Osteopenia is the condition of bone tissue characterized by a decrease her density, which leads to weakening bones and increased risk their fracture. Osteopenia and osteoporosis are related states. The difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis is that during osteoping the loss of bone mass is not so strong as during osteoporosis. This means that individuals with osteopenia are more susceptible to bone fractures than people with normal bone density, but to a lesser extent than those who have osteoporosis.

Repair screwdriver with your own hands: disassembly and assembly of the device, lubrication, elimination breakdown

Any device that combines electrical and mechanical nodes, comes into disrepair over time. This is due to both the operating conditions and the natural wear of the parts. No exception and screwdriver. In the process of operation, its mechanical nodes are quickly clogged with dust, the engine operates in difficult conditions, the battery capacity is lost. Repair screwdriver can be entrusted with service centers, but to spend it yourself more profitable, since this process is completely simple.

How eating a groo fruit

Pomelo is a citrus fruit, which is slightly more than grapefruit, and is considered the biggest among citrus fruits. It covers a thick peel color from pale green to yellow. Inside juicy slices are similar to the taste of bitter orange, but sweeter than grapefruit.

Choose a brick: Overview

Brick is a building material manufactured on the basis of mineral raw materials. By its structure, the brick is an artificial stone. The use of this material goes to its roots in deep antiquity. In ancient Egypt, an emergency raw brick was more often used, which was made of clay with the addition of straw. Modern bricks have a rectangular shape and undergo serious thermal processing. Brick designs are distinguished by durability, reliability, frost resistance and well retain heat indoors.

What is Basha - a terrible ghost or patroness of the kind?

Bansha (Bin-Sidja, Baneshi) translated into Russian means Woman - Fairy. Banchets are known in Ireland as a female spirit that cries near the house to warn residents about the death of a family member. Often it can be heard before seeing her crying so pierced that no one dares to voluntarily try to get closer to this terrifying spirit. It is believed that the scream of Banshi resembles a hellish mixture of sobbing a child, Wolf fighting and the ghost of wild geese.

How to lower high pressure and shoot it off quickly

An unrevious increase in pressure is a symptom, indicating the disease of the cardiovascular system or the presence of pathological processes occurring in the body. Also, these deviations appear due to a violation of the hormonal background, excessive use of salt and cholesterol, contributing to the narrowing of vascular walls and reduce their elasticity.

How to arrange a pensioner disability, where to start what to do first

It is hard to be disabled in any country and any age. But such is life. To deep regret, the problem exists and should be solved. So our government is trying to help such people. It is clear that these are all the crumbs, but we must be able to get what relies on the law from the state. Today we will talk about pensions, her order accrual and amounts. Also describe the full order of our actions.

How to remove pink and error textures in Garry's MOD

If you ask any admirer video game about what a first-person shooter is the best, then many will answer without thinking that Counter Strike. , Half Life 2. Or other products of Valve. Since everyone wants to enjoy such games to enjoy such games, the developers came up with a Garry's Mod MOD package. It allows you to expand the capabilities of the player, making additions not only in appearance, but even in physics on the screen. In fact, the software went into the category of independent games. For this, they love him and appreciate, and avid players necessarily establish these extensions for their favorite games. The most frequent problems of software are: Error, purple and black and pink textures, which are also called emo. Let's deal with how they are cleaned.

Features of the sturgeon cutting: how to clean the sterlet and quickly remove a visure

Fish dishes - a source of a large number of vitamins and nutrients, so necessary to each of us. Nutritionists are confident: it is necessary to eat fish at least once a week, it does not matter this baked sturgeon or heck cutlets. But what to do, if a very useful fishing of the sturgeon family was in the refrigerator, and there is no experience in cooking completely? First of all, it is necessary to figure out how to clean the sterling correctly, and then move to the study of recipes.

Puzzle with your own hands

Each person sometimes wants to hit the brains, think about something, and what could be better than puzzles, you simultaneously play and train your brains, because it relieves stress after a hard day. Not a puzzle where you collect a box with an unusual figure, but those that make you think. Objects that make you look at everything from another point of view that make you understand the world, not always, as it seems. You can make it for children what to train thinking, the flexibility of mind and so on. I first saw this puzzle, on the website instructables, I would like to share her creation with you. This simple puzzle is made of metal, brass and wood. Ends are not removed, the ring is not removed and there is no optical illusion. With the help of several tools, using wood and pair of metal rods you can make this simple puzzle to surprise your friends and family.

Troll: Who is and what is "troll" on the Internet -

Most Internet users know that in the Internet slang troll - this is not an evil monster from the stories about the hobbits and gnomes. However, people who only open up for themselves online world can experience bewilderment. Considering that new-night users are a lot, it is necessary to deal in detail that such a negative carries trolling in the World Wide Web and, in fact, the troll itself - who is this.

Flap: What it is, manufacturing technology, laying methods

The absolute majority of our compatriots are confident that there is only one flaws - the design used to establish artillery guns. But the Norwegians disagree with this statement, and called the boat processed on the special technology of bars, which are used precisely for the construction of buildings and structures. The second meaning of the word flaws seems to us more pleasant and correct.

Main types and types

All are of books. Someone loves to read more, someone less. One way or another, the books have a huge influence. When we are, we ourselves Clearing, what happens to the shermen, trying on the izyuisal in. Books teach us to live, showing what a different situation may turn around. They are becoming true for us. Vkunigach can be found answers practically in love.

How to remove inflammation with acne: how to anoint to quickly reduce or remove redness

Suddenly appearing pimple on the face always causes chagrin and disorder. The problem is familiar with the owners of all skin types, it delivers great inconvenience and discomfort. It is especially unpleasant when Papulas arise before important events. It is necessary to determine the reasons for such a state to remove inflammation from the acne in a short time. There are a large number of simple ways to help get rid of rash and improve skin condition.

MegaFon Mail Easy version: What is it, how to turn off

Using modern communication devices there are many possibilities to exchange messages or letters. For convenience among subscribers of a mobile operator MegaFon, a special service was created - the mailbox For appeals and send files. It is available, both private and to corporative clients . The advantage is that you can receive and send correspondence directly from the smartphone using Internet traffic and not to be attached to the browser or other outputs to the network. Also, the user has access to letters directly from the control panel or receives an SMS notification. The traffic at the same time is not spent, but it is important that it is paid and is active.