How to remove all hyperlinks in the Word

How to remove all hyperlinks in the Word

Option 1: Links in the text

In order to remove the hyperlinks embedded in the word Word document, you must use a special key combination. The same entry that keeps the address for the transition will remain.

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  1. Highlight the text you want to clear from links by using the keys for this. "Ctrl + A" (If all the contents of the document is allocated) or the mouse (if a fragment is allocated). Select text with links in Microsoft WordREAD ALSO: How to highlight a page / all pages in Word
  2. Use the combination of keys "Ctrl + SHIFT + F9" .

    Keyboard shortcuts to delete all links at the Microsoft Word document

    Note! On some laptops, portable and multimedia keyboards by default, the F-row keys may be responsible for performing certain functions (for example, playback management, brightness change, etc.). In this case, the combination that is required to use to solve the task from the header of the article will look like this: "Ctrl + Shift + Fn + F9" .

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  3. All selected text will be cleared of links.
  4. Removal Results Immediately All Links in Microsoft Word Document

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    This method is the only available solution in a situation where you need to remove all links from a text document or part of it, while retaining the text itself in which the addresses were introduced.

Option 2: Link text

In the same case, if in addition to the addresses to which links, it is necessary to delete and containing their text, or if the link is presented in the form of a regular and more unnecessary URL, you will have to do only manually, removing each such entry separately.

To do this, highlight the "highlighted" fragment of the text from which you want to get rid of and press the key "Delete" or "Backspace" .

Removing the address and body link Links in Microsoft Word

Note: If the link is not "hidden" into the text and represents a regular URL, which is still required to be left in the document, but do not actively make it, use the item "Delete hyperlink" The context menu is called on this record. Alternatively, you can also use the combination of keys in the previous instructions, but in this case it will be necessary to highlight the fragment.

The deletion result of the address from the reference in Microsoft Word

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Optional: Cleaning the copied text from links

Often, the need to delete all references is due to the task of cleaning the source text copied, for example, from a website or other document and contains many active fragments with addresses implemented in them. In this case, it is enough to insert it not familiar to most of the way, but somewhat differently. Separately, it is worth noting that the initial formatting will be lost.

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Note: As an example, then we will use a text document demonstrated in the previous parts of the article with references, the contents of which we first cut out, and then insert. It will work when copying text with references from any other source.

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  1. Highlight and copy ( "Ctrl + C" ) or cut out ( "Ctrl + X" ) Fragment or all the contents of the document, web resource pages or any other source you want to clean from hyperlinks.
  2. Select and copy or cut text to delete all links in Microsoft Word.

  3. Go to Word Document to which you want to add this text, set the cursor pointer in the place where it will have to be, then expand the button menu "Paste" Located in the Tool Group "Clipboard" tabs "The main" .
  4. Specify the place to insert text without links in Microsoft Word

  5. Click on the icon in the form of a tablet with a letter "AND" in the corner - "Save only text" .
  6. Inserting copied text, but without links in Microsoft Word

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    The copied record will appear in the Word Document in its pure form, that is, without any references and any other formatting features.

    The result of the insertion of the copied text without links in Microsoft Word

    The lack of the latter, depending on the situation, can be both advantage and disadvantage, but always corrected by changing the font and / or styles.

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How to remove all hyperlinks at Word?

How to remove all hyperlinks in Word

Author Dmitry Kostin For reading 2 minutes. Published

Good all the time of day, my dear friends and guests of my blog. In the last article, I did not tell you how to remove all hyperlinks from Word document, as it was considered that the topic is devoted to clean creating. But today I will correct this moment and finish our epic with hyperlinks.

You probably know that to delete one clickable link to an external site or document, you just need to click on it right mouse and select item "Delete hyperlink" .

How to immediately remove all hyperlinks in the Word

But what if we downloaded any document, which just stuffed with these links, and we know exactly what we do not need them? The answer is simple. You just need to highlight all the text (for this click Ctrl + A. ), after which we press another key combination - Ctrl + Shift + F9 . All your links will have to be cleaned.

But there is a small difference between the versions of the Microsoft Office itself. If you are working in version 2007 or below, then after cleaning, absolutely all formatting is preserved, for example, color and fat content. And if you work in the office, starting from 2010 version, then all formatting is reset and your former link acquires the default form.

Well, in principle, and everything I wanted to tell you today. Yes, such a short article turned out. Waiting for you again on my blog. Good luck to you. Bye Bye!

Sincerely, Dmitry Kostin

How to remove all hyperlinks in Word

In today's article, we will publish step-by-step instructions, how to remove all hyperlinks at once in Word (Word) and Excel. Consider several ways to delete links - manually, automatic deletion, using the script, and also tell me how to disable the function of creating the hyperlink in the document.

Microsoft Word is without exaggerations the most popular text editor today. But, despite all its popularity, users who know very little about all functions of this program. For example, far from everyone knows that in Word there are several simple ways to remove hyperlinks from the text.

But this is a very useful feature for those who often work with the texts downloaded from the Internet. But do not worry, learn how to remove hyperlinks in the Word (immediately everything is separate) you can learn from this article.

How to remove hyperlinks manually

If the hyperlink in the text is not so much, you can cope with them and remove them manually. It is done very simple.

  1. Right-click on the hyperlink.
  2. In the menu that appears, select "Delete Hyperlink".

After that, the hyperlink will be removed, and in its place there will be ordinary text.

This procedure you have to repeat for each link in the text. If there are few them, then you will not have problems. However, if there is a lot of hyperlinks in the text, this process can take you a considerable time. Fortunately, you have alternative options, how to remove the hyperlink that you can read next.

Automatic removal of hyperlinks in Word

The following option will help you remove all hyperlinks at once. In Word, there is a huge number of different key combinations, among which there is one that will help us in this situation.

You can delete all hyperlinks, just holding the "Ctrl", "SHIFT" and "F9" simultaneously. However, before you you need to select a fragment of the text from which you want to delete links.

If you need to clean the whole very large text, then to speed up this process, you can click on the "Select" button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the "Select All" option. After this remains only to clamp the aforementioned combination, and all hyperlinks will be deleted.

How to remove hyperlinks in the Word (all right) using the script

The following way to remove hyperlinks in the whole document is slightly longer. However, it will have to do it only once, but after that it will only be enough for you to press one button and all hyperlinks will be deleted.

  1. First, open the desired document.
  2. Then heal the combination "Alt + F11".
  3. After that, you will appear before you window for working with scripts, where you need to click on the "INSERT" tab on the panel above.
  4. In the menu that appears, select "Module".

After that, a small window will appear before you, where you need to enter the script. There are two scripts that you can approach.

The first deletes all links in an active document.

Sub killthhehyperlinks ()


'Removes All Hyperlinks from the Document:

'Text to Display IS Left InTact


With thiSdocument

'Loop While There Are Hyperlinks Afoot!

While .hyperlinks.count> 0

.Hyperlinks (1) .delete


End With

'SHUT THIS OFF, DON'T Need Anymore Popping Up

Application.options.autoformatasyoutypereplaceHyperLinks = false

End Sub.

The second removes hyperlinks in all documents open at the moment.

Sub killthhehyperlinksinallopendocuments () '--------------------------------------------- - 'removes all Hyperlinks from any open Documents' Text to Display IS Left InTact' ---------------------------------- --------------- DIM DOC AS DOCUMENT DIM SZOPENDOCNAME AS STRING 'LOOP THROUGH ALL OPEN DOCUMENTS: FOR EACH DOC ​​IN APPLICATION.DOCUMENTS' STORE THE DOCUMENT NAMESZOPENDOCNAME = DOC.NAME 'REMOVE THE HYPERLINKS From That Document with Documents (Szopendocname) 'Loop While Are Hyperlinks Afoot! While

After that, it is enough just to close the window with the script so that it is preserved. When the script is created, you can use it at any time by simply pressing "F5".

How to remove hyperlinks in advance

There is another way to remove hyperlinks in Word. Immediately, all links in the copied document can be removed before you insert it. Make it is quite simple.

  1. Copy the text.
  2. Turn on Word.
  3. Right-click on the place in the text where you want to insert a copied fragment.
  4. In the menu that appears, hover the mouse to the "Insert Settings" section.
  5. Select the third option called "Save only text".

After that, the text will be inserted without links. However, all formatting settings will reset.

How to disable the creation of hyperlinks

When writing text, Word can create hyperlinks automatically. If you do not want this, this option can be turned off. This is done like this:

  1. Open the "File" tab, which is in the upper right corner.
  2. Open "Parameters".
  3. On the left panel, select the "Spelling" tab.
  4. Then click on the button with the inscription "Auto Parameters ...".
  5. Open the "Autoformat when entering" tab.
  6. Remove the checkbox opposite the "Network Ways of Hyperlock".

After that, the hyperlinks will not appear in the text themselves.

How to remove hyperlinks in Excel

Well, at the end of the article, we will talk about another program from Microsoft Office package, which also supports hyperlinks. Remove the hyperlink to Excel is very simple - it is enough to select all the cells in which there are hyperlinks, then right-click on one of them and select the Select "Delete hyperlink" item.

How to remove hyperlinks in the whole document

Now you know everything about how to remove hyperlinks in Word. Immediately, all links or each separately does not matter, because we considered all the ways. By the way, there are other ways to remove hyperlinks for text, but they are all suitable only for certain versions of Word. And the methods given above are universal and suitable for any version.

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Links and hyperlinks are often used in Word documents. In the first case, it is indicated for some element in the document, for example, a footnote. In the second case, the document refers to some material located, for example, on the Internet or in another file. There are still local links that refer to files on a different computer, therefore, when opening a document on another computer, the links will work incorrectly. Also, the need to remove references in Word document may occur for other reasons.

How to delete a link in Word Document

The Word program functionality allows you to quickly delete both a separate link in the document and somewhat (or all) in the selected fragment.

Option 1: Delete one link

Removing links in the document in this embodiment can be in several ways. For example, through the "Insert" menu:

  1. Highlight the desired word, which will delete an active reference.
  2. In the top menu, open the Insert tab.
  3. There click on the "Links" tool. From the context menu, select "Hyperlink".
  4. The "Change Hyperssril" dialog box opens. Opposite the "Address" string, click on the "Delete link" button.
  5. Click on the "OK" button to apply the changes.

There are less costly option:

  1. Highlight the desired word, which will delete an active link, and click on it with the right mouse button.
  2. From the context menu, select Delete Hyperlink.

Option 2: Delete all links

This action is suitable for large in terms of texts. You can how to delete links completely in the entire document and delete only in the selected fragment. Use the first option for large documents is appropriate only in cases where you need to select a sample removal of hyperlinks.

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You can use the combination of hot keys for mass deletion of links in Word document:

  1. Highlight the desired fragment of the document or the entire text using the Ctrl + A keyboard.
  2. Use the CTRL + SHIFT + F9 key combination. After that, all active references in the document will be deleted, and the text will acquire a normal formatting type.

Unfortunately, this method is not always valid correctly. For example, in some versions of Word, the key combination may simply not work. In this case, there is an alternative option - make all the remaining links are not distinguishable from the main text. However, in this case, the links themselves will remain and you can go through them.

  1. Highlight the desired fragment of the text. You can select all the contents of the document using the Ctrl + A keyboard.
  2. In the "Home" tab, pay attention to the "Styles" block. There you need to press the button in the form of an arrow, which is located in the lower right corner of the block (marked in the screenshot).
  3. In the "Styles" window, click on the "Clean all" item.

The text will be given to the usual mind. Links will not be visible, but they will remain in the text. This option is not recommended to be applied if the document uses some non-standard fonts, with fatty / italic / underlining or formatting methods. In this case, they will be deleted too.

If neither the first nor the second methods are suitable, you will have to remove hyperlinks on one. Unfortunately, to highlight the entire document, click on it with the right mouse button and select the "Delete hyperlink" item will not work. We will have to delete links one.

As you can see, in removing hyperlinks in Word, there is nothing complicated. In most cases, you can delete both some specific link and all on a specific document segment.

Delete all hyperlinks in the document

Delete all hyperlinks from text in all Word versions can be very fast, using only hot keys.

  • We allocate the entire text - "Ctrl + A".
  • We remove the hyperlinks - "Ctrl + Shift + F9".

Ctrl + A.Ctrl + Shift + F9At the same time, the text that hyperlinks were presented will not be deleted and even retains the former formatting. That is, if the hyperlinks in the text were represented by words allocated in a blue font with an underlining, then after removing the hyperlinks, they will look the same. And now in Word 2010 their format is cleared. These key combination can be deleted and separate hyperlinks. Related Word And to new meetings!

If you had to edit Word documents downloaded from the Internet, then you probably faced hyperlinks.

These hyperlinks refer to other resources on the Internet and usually when editing them must be deleted. In this article, we will look at three ways at once, how can I delete links to Word. The article will be relevant for Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Method No. 1. Deleting references manually.

The easiest way to remove links in the Word text editor is manual removal of each link separately. To do this, you need to right-click on the link and select "Delete Hyperlink" in the menu that opens.

Delete hyperlink on the menu

But, if in the document a large number of references and all of them need to be removed, then such a way to solve the problem takes a lot of time.

Method # 2. CTRL-SHIFT-F9 key combination.

Another option is to use the CTRL-SHIFT-F9 key combination. Using this key combination, you can quickly delete all links in Word.

CTRL-SHIFT-F9 key combination

To do this, simply select text with references (in order to select the entire text, use Ctrl-A) and press Ctrl-SHIFT-F9. After that, all links will be deleted, and text formatting should be preserved.

Method # 3. Visual Basic script.

If the previous two ways to you for some reason did not come up, that is, another option. Hyperlinks can be removed using the Visual Basic script. To do this, you must first press the ALT-F11 key combination.

Key combination Alt-F11

After that, a window will open to work with Visual Basic scripts. In this window, you must open the "INSERT" menu and select "Module".

Menu Insert - Module

After that, a window will appear in which you need to insert the Visual Basic script code.

Visual Basic Script Insert

The text of the script you want to insert:

Sub RemoveHyperLinks ()

While ActiveDocument.HyperLinks.count> 0



Application.options.autoformatasyoutypereplaceHyperLinks = false

End Sub.

After that, you need to run the execution of the script. To do this, click on the "RUN" button on the toolbar or the F5 key on the keyboard

RUN button

After that, go back to Word document. If everything was done correctly, then all hyperlinks must be removed.

How to remove links in Word?

Links in Word: Hyperlink in Word

How to remove all hyperlinks in Word?

Deleting all hyperlinks in a text document is not difficult for Microsoft Word users, and this guide simply lists several available methods for removing all hyperlinks in Word.

Remove hyperlinks one after another using the hyperlink removal function

This method will help you delete the hyperlink using the "Delete hyperlink" function, and then delete others several times one in Word.

1. Right-click the specified associated text, the hypersdler you will delete and select Remove hyperlink From the context menu. See Screenshot: Document Delete hyperlink Right-click 01Now the hyperlink is immediately removed from the reference.

2. Repeat the above operation to remove the hyperlinks one after the other in Word.

In this way, it is easy to remove the hyperlink, but removing all the hyperlinks in the document one manually will take a long time.

Delete all hyperlinks in the current document using shortcuts

Many people prefer to use labels because they are simple and save time. A shortcut is available to remove all hyperlinks, and you do not need to worry that the document is too long.

1, Click Ctrl +. The keys at the same time to select the entire document.

2. Next Pressing Ctrl + Shift. + F9. At the same time, to remove all hyperlinks in the current document. Note: The label method will delete all the basic fields.

Remove all hyperlinks in the current document using VBA

You can use the following VBA to easily remove all hyperlinks in the current Word document.

1, Click Alt + F11 , to open Microsoft Visual Basic for applications window.

2. Click Insert > module And then copy and paste the following VBA code into the module window.

VBA 1: Delete all hyperlinks of the current document

Sub killthehyperlinks () '--------------------------------------------- - 'Removes All Hyperlinks from the Document:' Text to Display IS Left InTact '-------------------------------- --------------- WITH THISDOCUMENT 'LOOP WHILE THERE ARE HYPERLINKS AFOOT> WHILE .HYPERLINKS.COUNT> 0.HYPERLINKS (1). DELETEMDEND WITH' SHUT THIS OFF, DON'T Need Anymore popping uppplication.options.autoformatasyoutypereplaceHyperLinks = Falseend sub 

3, Then click Perform Or press the F5 key to start the script.

Now you will see that all hyperlinks in the current Word document are immediately packetly deleted.

Remove all hyperlinks in all open Word documents using VBA

Unlike the first VBA code, which removes all hyperlinks only in the current document, the second VBA code allows you to remove all hyperlinks in all open documents.

1, Click Alt + F11 , to open Microsoft Visual Basic for applications window.

2. Click Insert > module And then copy and paste the following VBA code into the module window.

VAB 2: Delete all hyperlinks in all open Word documents.

Sub killthhehyperlinksinallopendocuments () '--------------------------------------------- - 'removes all Hyperlinks from any open Documents' Text to Display IS Left InTact' ---------------------------------- --------------- DIM DOC AS DocumentDim Szopendocname AS String 'Loop Through All Open Documents: For Each Doc in Application.Documents' Store The Document Nameszopendocname = Doc.Name' Remove the Hyperlinks from that documentWith Documents (szOpenDocName) 'Loop while there are hyperlinks afoot! While .Hyperlinks.Count> 0.Hyperlinks (1) .DeleteWendEnd With' Shut this off, do not need anymore popping upApplication.Options.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceHyperlinks = FalseNext docEnd Sub 

Now you will see that all hyperlinks in all open Word documents are removed immediately.

Remove all hyperlinks using KUTOOLS FOR WORD

Work with us KUTOOLS FOR WORD. Author Remove hyperlinks Utility, you can quickly remove all hyperlinks from the entire document or from the selected part of the document.


- Convenient superstructure that simplifies your work and expands your text document processing. Free trial for 60 days!

Get it now!

1. Click Kutools. > Delete > Remove hyperlinks . See Screenshot: DOC Delete Hyperlink KTW 01

2. In the "Delete" dialog box that appears, click the icon OK. Button, see Screen Snapshot: Doc Delete Hyperlink KTW 02

Then the dialog box appears in which it is indicated how many hyperlinks were removed. Just close it. Doc Delete Hyperlink KTW 03And you will see that all hyperlinks are deleted from the current Word document, as shown below: Doc Delete Hyperlink KTW 04

Mistake Remove hyperlinks The KUTOOLS FOR WORD feature will delete all links from the text, but will save text and formatting styles. Get a free trial!

Stop automatic adding hyperlink to text in Word

For example, you deleted the hyperlink from the text "https: //", however, the hyperlink will be added to the text automatically when we enter a space or click ENTER After text, as shown in the screenshot below. In this case, we need to configure Word settings and stop automatically adding hyperlinks to the text in Word.

1. Click Send > Settings in a word.

2. In the Word Settings dialog box, click Heat insulating on the left pane and then click Auto Parameters button. See the screenshot;

3. In the "Auto Plan" dialog box AutoFormat when entering , uncheck the checkbox Internet and network paths with hyperlinks and press OK. button. See Screenshot:

4, Click OK. In the Word Settings dialog box.

From this point on, Word will no longer automatically add hyperlinks to a special text, such as the path to the website.

Recommended Word Performance Tools

Shot Kutools Word Kutools Tab 1180x121 Shot Kutools Word Kutools Plus Tab 1180x120
  • Complex and repetitive operations can be done on a second.
  • Insert multiple images from folders to Word.
  • Combine and combine multiple Word files from folders into one in the desired order.
  • Divide the current document into separate documents in accordance with the title, separation of the section or other criteria.
  • Converting files between Doc and DocX, DOCX and PDF, a set of tools for general transformations and selection, etc.
How to remove hyperlinks in Word in all document and quickly?

Delete all hyperlinks (links) In Word, you can quickly, if you know the hotkeys and the command sequence that you want to perform. How does the "one hand movement" remove all these active hyperlinks in the Word?

You have a big document in Word, in which there are quite a lot of hyperlinks from the Internet and they are active (have a style, your color, for example, blue).

If you need to make them inactive, you can allocate each link, choose a command Inset => hyperlink and click on the button Delete link.

Removing the hyperlink in the window "Change hyperlink"
Removing the hyperlink in the window "Change hyperlink"

Either right-click on the word and in the drop-down menu command Delete hyperlink.

Removing the hyperlink in the Right mouse menu on the word.
Removing the hyperlink in the Right mouse menu on the word.

It is a very long and time consuming process if your document will have a huge number of such hyperlinks.

Read other articles on the topic:

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Hyperlinks in Word: how to create a hyperlink to a document, a web page. Choose a way

How to make a hyperlink in Word on the text (place) in the document: the fastest way

What do you need to do to quickly and unequivocally remove hyperlinks that lead to different sites?

Consider on the example:

Hyperlinks are displayed in blue
Hyperlinks are displayed in blue

There is a faster way to solve the problem!

Perform a sequence of actions:

1. Highlight the entire document command. Home => Allocate => Allocate all or use hot keys Ctrl + a. Text in the document will be fully allocated.

2. Click on key combination Ctrl + Shift + F9 - References will be deleted, and all other document formatting options will be saved. That is, hyperlinks that were created in words will be inactive.

That's all that was required :) subscribe to my channel And put like, and you can also see other useful articles:

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