Weather Moscow (Russia) now

The features of Moscow weather

In Moscow moderate continental climate With a long cold, frosty winter and soft warm, sometimes hot, in summer. The air temperature drops from the south to the north and from the West to the East, since the climate becomes more continental. Weather conditions in the city also affect the natural features of the regions, including relief, forest plantations. Cool slope areas Sparrow Gor. In the southwest, have a softer, warm weather than the surroundings.

The average annual air temperature in Moscow is 2 ° C at night and 10 ° C during the day, with maximum fixed peaks -32 ° C in January, February and 32 ° C in August. During the year, 700 mm of precipitation fall in 120 days.

Briefly about the weather in Moscow

  • The coldest and snow month is January. The warmer month is July.
  • The most rainy month is July at 85 mm of precipitation falling in 12 days. The dry month is March with 35 mm of precipitation falling out for 3 days.
  • Winter snowfall begins in November, snow melts in spring.
  • Month with the highest relative humidity of air - Peckening (85%), with the lowest - May (64%).
  • As in other major cities, in Moscow there is an effect of urban heat, at which the temperature in the city is a few degrees higher than in the vicinity.

Weather in Moscow for seasons

  • Winter. Winter in Moscow is cold, frosty, snowy, windy and protracted - the season usually lasts since the beginning of November until the end of March. In the peak winter months - January, February - the air temperature usually falls at night to -10 ° C and in extreme cases up to -25 ° C under the influence of arctic or Siberian cyclones, although there are warming periods with an increase in temperature above 0 ° C with the influence of air masses Of the Atlantic Ocean, even in the midst of winter. There is a large part of the precipitation in the form of snow, however, it is possible to rain during periods of thaw. The sky is usually cloudy, with only 1-3 hours of sunlight a day.
  • Spring. As Mart. Another winter month with night frosts and advantage of the day, the cold weather alternates with short thaws. Spring comes to the city only in the last decade of March, when the snow melts and the temperature rises. The city happens both early spring at 15 ° C in March and late - with snow in April. In the second half of April, a warm wind from the southeast, heating air can prevail in the city. May is a warm sunny month at 19 ° C during the day and 9 hours of sunlight, but sometimes sometimes cloudy and rainy.
  • Summer. Summer in Moscow is a soft, warm, pleasant with a temperature of 12-26 ° C and high humidity. The weather is often changed during this period. There are hot days from 30 ° C, which are interrupted by short-term thunderstorms, shoes in the afternoon and strong streams of wind. In August, the air begins to cool, especially at the end of the month, closer to autumn.
  • Autumn. Autumn in Moscow - short, with a wide range of temperatures from 16 ° C to -3 ° C. In September and early October, the air heats up to 25 ° C, if the Indian summer comes. However, the temperature and amount of daylight gradually decreases. The rains become more frequent and long-term, but less intense. In November, freezing begin and there is a high probability of snow.

The best time to visit Moscow - Summer (from the end of May to early September), when in the city long days and prevails warm, pleasant, sunny weather. In the Peak Tourist Months - July-August - is crowded here, so those who avoid crowds can choose another time.

Information about the forecast in Moscow

Data on weather forecast in Moscow for 3 days on the weather 33 was obtained from the NOAA GFS FV3 model. Prognostic data models for today, tomorrow and 3 days have high justifiedness and the greatest accuracy in comparison with long-term forecasts. Regular renewal of forecasts also helps weather users 33 Receive the most recent and reliable weather forecast in Moscow (Moscow region)

  • Forecast detail: Every 3 hours.
  • Forecast Updates: 2 times a day.
  • Last update: March 5 11:54.

To improve the perception of information, the weather forecast in Moscow is presented in the form of weather tables and 3-day meteograms.

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