20 unusual master classes for creativity with children: from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon

Baby needlework is an excellent leisure, and a tool for the comprehensive development of a small man. Today we present a selection of 20 interesting and unusual master classes To attach a child to your favorite creativity or try something new together.

A detailed description of each lesson is available on clicking on the link or photo. Pleasant creativity!

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 1

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to the filming of their own cartoon, photo № 2

Paper is perhaps the most affordable material for creative experiments. We draw locks with opening windows, illustrate your favorite plots, create bulk sheep and reflection of houses in water: Choose one of the proposed options or repeat them all. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before filming your own cartoon, photo № 3

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to the filming of your own cartoon, photo № 4

Create a colorful picture in an unusual technique in just a couple of hours! The bonus to the lesson is a small excursion in the history of the invention of beads and the Indian traditions of making decorations. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to filming your own cartoon, photo № 5

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 6

A very simple way to dye shallow food salt into pastel shades. The whole process takes no more pair of minutes, and a ready-made salt can be used for meditative classes: for example, the design of a souvenir bottle with a space "landscape" inside. More>

20 Unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts before filming your own cartoon, photo № 7

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 8

This master class requires the participation of an adult - it means that the entertainment is at least two :) And in the process you will master all the main stages of the decoupage technique, including the actions of the item with the help of cracker. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 9

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to filming your own cartoon, photo № 10

Caring for nature, useful pastime and pretty ornament for the garden as a result - a great lesson for joint creativity with children of 10-13 years. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 11

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 12

If the construction of a bird's house is still too difficult for you, you can take care of the feathered friends more simple: make charming bird sill pendants. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to the filming of their own cartoon, photo № 13

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 14

This is not just a master class to create a beautiful flower from wool, it is a living and truthful report on the process of family creativity. True inspired! More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to the filming of own cartoon, photo № 15

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to the filming of their own cartoon, photo № 16

An excellent version of the plot to try yourself in a wool watercolor technique. Moreover, the lesson is ideal for newcomers of anything about anything. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 17

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to the filming of your own cartoon, photo № 18

To repeat this lesson, it will not be necessary deep knowledge of painting: an interesting and original result is guaranteed with any plot. And the space for creativity is incredible here! More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts before filming your own cartoon, photo № 19

20 Unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to the filming of own cartoon, photo № 20

We experiment with self-hardening mass and create a unique coastal saucer with a lace décor - without firing in the furnace and special devices. More>

20 Unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to the filming of own cartoon, photo № 21

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 22

A simple and fascinating chemical experiment with a stunning result in the form of a tactile toy. And for the manufacture you will need only two available ingredients. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 23

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 24

Step-by-step lesson, which will be interested in repeating both children and adults. And the result of an exciting creative process will be a decoration for the nursery. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 25

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 26

We paint wooden bars and trimming boards: let the remnants of the mastery and create an atmospheric decoration of the interior with children. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to the filming of own cartoon, photo № 27

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 28

Minimum materials, a little bit of free time and a little fashionable, ready to create - that's all you need to repeat this lesson :) More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 29

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to filming your own cartoon, photo № 30

Super-simple wood painting lesson for children 6-8 years old: everything is clearly available and at work will take no more than half an hour. But how many emotions! And the new "pet" in the house :) More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 31

20 Unusual master classes for creativity with children from paper crafts to filming your own cartoon, photo № 32

Salted dough recipe and the full model of modeling video lesson: an affordable master class for those who want to find an alternative to Plasticine. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 33

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 34

A wonderful master class for the whole family - everyone will find an interesting task from collecting natural materials to a demonstration of sewing skills. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 35

20 Unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 36

Feeling style and interest in fashion begin to form in childhood. Create with your child unique wardrobe items in a simple and affordable way - paints with paints with fabrics. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 37

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 38

A stunning idea for joint creativity and leisure: turn a cardboard box to theatrical scene, and paper silhouettes - in actors. Literally half an hour of work - and the home theater is ready! More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 39

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper before shooting your own cartoon, photo № 40

The lesson for those who closer the world of cinema: how to create an animated video from the development of the plot to the final installation. It is easier than it seems, and the process will definitely pass through all family members. More>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 41

Rat Year: 12 simple workshops> Create a papier-mache: New Year's master classes for beginners and craftsmen> How to sew a doll: 15 master classes + face painting bonus textile doll>

20 unusual master classes for creativity with children from crafts from paper to filming your own cartoon, photo № 42

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Crafts from cardboard

Very simple crafts from cardboard that children will be able to do quickly and easily. A template is attached to each craft, but even without it, the most uncomplicated work.

DIY are drawn on a dual cardboard any character carved, and then painted and complemented by several details. And thanks to the dudge of the cardboard, it turns out a stand, thanks to which the handicraft is perfectly held in a vertical position.

What will be needed from the materials:

  • Cold cardboard. The paper is not suitable, the craft is unstable;
  • Simple pencil, circus, scissors, glue, markers;
  • Auxiliary items in the form of decorative holes. If desired, moving eyes, any decor.

Children's crafts from cardboard: step-by-step overview and patterns

Tree from cardboard

The easiest version of the tree. You can use the template or draw a tree on your own creative intent. Prepare green cardboard rectangular shape, any desired size.

Tree from cardboard

Fold the cardboard in half. Draw a tree or use the template so that the top of the crown, and the stroke line on the template passed along the level of the upper fold of the paper.

Tree from cardboard

Tree from cardboard

Cut the tree from cardboard on the sides and below, but leave the upper area untouched.

Tree from cardboard

This is how it looks in uncovered form.

Tree from cardboard

Thanks to the collapse, the cardboard tree can be minimized and installed vertically.

Tree from cardboard

On the trees can be glued with flowers, fruits, leaves.

Tree from cardboard

Further crafts from the cardboard are made on this principle, that is, cut out of the folded twice of the cardboard, where the upper part with a bend remains holistic.

Houses from Cardon

The advantage of these houses is that they can be done in a short period of time a lot, and the houses can be the most different shape.

To work, you will need cardboard or its remnants. You can any form in this embodiment - rectangular.

Houses from Cardon

Fold the cardboard twice. Use the template or draw any houses. Do not forget that the upper part of the house with the barcode should be on the bending of the cardboard. Cut the houses.

Houses from Cardon

Houses from Cardon

Complete them with windows, doors. Children can paint the roof and even the house itself.

Houses from Cardon

Machines from cardboard

Another excellent creative work for children. Especially the boys love to draw different cars, and thanks to this idea you can make your own toy. The main thing is to draw a typewriter so that its upper part accounted for the collapse of the cardboard.

Machines from cardboard

Machines from cardboard

Then the machine needs to be cut, but do not touch on top.

Machines from cardboard

After sticking or drawing the windows, wheels, different patterns, some open cardboard and install vertically.

Machines from cardboard

Sheep from cardboard

Cardboard crafts include various animals. For example, you can make a lamb. Use the template. Cut it. Attach the folded twice as the cardboard, and the stroke area on the back of the sheep should be along the folding line of the cardboard.

Sheep from cardboard

Sheep from cardboard

Cut, draw your eyes, ears.

Sheep from cardboard

The bottom of the cardboard is driven and set the lamb to the surface. The revealed bottom will hold the handicraft vertically, and the cardboard will give stability.

Sheep from cardboard

Funny cardboard hedgehog

Print or redraw the template, circle it on cardboard folded twice. The upper part of the needle must pass on the collar.

Hedgehog from cardboard

Hedgehog from cardboard

Cut the hedgehog, but do not cut the upper needles. You also need to make slits and on the body of the hedgehog. It is convenient to cut them with a stationery knife on a rubber rug.

Hedgehog from cardboard

Draw your eye, smile, nose. Bend the barbs, and bottom to drive around the paws, a little reunion of the lower part of the cardboard. Crafts from cardboard - Hedgehog, ready.

Even more hedgehogs in the top - how to make hedgehogs.

Simple Crafts from Cardboard - Ship

Even small children will be handled with work, and there will be no template for any template.

Cut the circle from the cardboard and any sail or check box.

Ship from Cardon

Fold the circle in half and top Make a small cut, you can even round.

Ship from Cardon

In the middle, glue the checkbox. The boat is ready and can swing. Expand the lower halves and the handicraft will take a vertical position.

Ship from Cardon

Bird of cardboard

This is a very simple way to create birds. And thanks to the template, the birds can do a lot, I have a whole tortuous flock.

Prepare a segment of cardboard, and if you need a big bird, then a whole sheet. Cut the template.

Bird of cardboard

Bird of cardboard

Fold the cardboard twice and depitted the poultry back to the collar. The area on the template is marked with a stroke. In this place there will be a fold, thanks to which the bird can take a stable vertical position.

Bird of cardboard

Cut the bird and beak.

Bird of cardboard

Stick the beak in the middle and draw your eyes.

Bird of cardboard

Bunny from cardboard

Prepare two segments of cardboard, as the head and body are cut separately.

Bunny from cardboard

Use the template. Attach the carved parts to the folded pattern. Note that the places labeled on the stroke template should be on the bending of the cardboard at the top.

Bunny from cardboard

Bunny from cardboard

Cut your head and torso, draw the necessary details.

Bunny from cardboard

Stick your head to the body. It turns out such a funny handicraft from cardboard.

Bunny from cardboard

Rooster from cardboard

A bright cockerel is an excellent handicraft on Easter, or a variant of birds of birds for the appropriate themes in the classroom.

You will need a rectangular cardboard and pattern.

Rooster from cardboard

Rooster from cardboard

Cardboard fold in half and redraw the rooster pattern so that the stroke area on the scallop and the tail occurred on the back of the cardboard.

Rooster from cardboard

Cut the bird and color.

Rooster from cardboard

Rooster from cardboard

Camel from cardboard

A cardboard camel can be wonderful. The drawing itself is a little complicated for children, so you can print a template or anyone from the Internet.

Camel from cardboard

Cardboard fold twice. Circlave the template by placing it with strokes in the head and hump on the fold of the cardboard.

Camel from cardboard

Cut and color at your own discretion. Especially stable is a camel from dense cardboard.

Camel from cardboard

Camel from cardboard

Owl from cardboard

For this craft, you will not need a template from cardboard. It is enough to fold the cardboard strip in half and sides to draw wings (you can also cut separately). From above on the sides, cut the corners, it turns out a head together with the body of the owl.

Owl from cardboard

Separately cut out simple small details:

  • Triangular ears;
  • Round eyes;
  • Paws and beak.

Stick all the components of the owls, draw pupils and feathers with a felt-tip pen.

Owl from cardboard

Cardboard duckling

Crafts from cardboard for kids. The template will not be required due to the limiting ease of work.

Cut the circle from cardboard more for the torso, as well as small paper - for the head. In addition, there will be simple details in the form of a wing, eyes, beak.

Duckling from cardboard

Fold the circle to big in half, glue your head with one side, having previously drawing her eyes, gluing the beak. Side Add wing. Optionally, you can still make paws.

Duckling from cardboard

Crab Crab

The technique differs from previous crafts from cardboard, as it does not need to be folded here by twice, it will take a template for work.

Crab Crab

Use the template and reproduce it on color cardboard. Prepare your eyes from the paper or moving purchased.

Crab Crab

Behind the body there is a small incision, glue it, connecting the edges. Thanks to this, the crab will appear in bulk.

Bend the paws and claws, guided by strokes on the template. Stick your eyes and draw your mouth. Krabic ready.

Crab Crab

Dog from cardboard

DIY dogs on the site a lot. You may like this option.

Using the template, cut your head with the ears.

Dog from cardboard

Dog from cardboard

Then fold the cardboard twice and move the dog to him. Barcode is a bend place that is not needed. Get the head and tail to the body, drive the cardboard in the paw. It turns out a fun and vertically stable dog.

Dog from cardboard

Simple cat from cardboard

It also does not need a template at all. Prepare to work any segment of cardboard. Draw on it shown in the photo drawing, which is a torso cat and paws.

Cat from cardboard

Cut the body and make cuts along the paw lines. Separately cut your head, ears and tail. Stick to the head ears with eyes, draw a muzzle.

Cat from cardboard

Attach your head on the torso. Paws slide a bit forward and bend a small piece on the tips. The lower part of the rest of the cardboard also bend a bit. Kitty ready.

Cat from cardboard

These may be crafts from cardboard, and this is far from the limit. Absolutely any character can be made in the above technique. Also, on the site Tratatuk.ru there are still many cardboard characters, plants and items in the heading of crafts from paper. This, for example, crafts of animals, crafts from bushings and many, many of the most different creative solutions.

Children will know the world through the game and creativity. They fantasize, invent, imitate continuously, sometimes taking crazy parents and educators. The inexhaustible stream of energy can be sent to the right track, having tracing the child with the main creative activities:

One of the universal forms of creativity is the applique and decoration of paper: it is suitable for many children, the preventiveness, small motility, has a bright result, which can not only touch, but also to give your beloved mom, grandmother. And the craft can be attributed to the exhibition in the garden and school, decorate the room before the holiday, or find practical application.

Traditional material for creativity is colored paper. It is inexpensive, it is easy to use - it is easy to find craft options for various ages. And if creative work out of paper did not work from the first time, it is not difficult to try to do yet. Ideas for inspiration can be learned in this article.


Unusual bookmarks for book pages can be made of scrapbooking paper. Manufacturing technique is simple, except for paper nothing else will need. The rectangular leaf is folded in half, it should be a strip of 2-3 width. The resulting strip bends across (also in half). At the resulting line, two end strips bend at an angle. As a result, the workpiece, resembling an inverted house.

Four corners are fenced in such a way that the caretaker becomes like a heart. The page of the book will be included in the pockets. Heart laying is a convenient and beautiful solution for small readers.

Decorating the room


Pretty many simple and beautiful garlands options can be created, following the same algorithm. For crafts, a strong rope (cotton yarn, thin twine), color double-sided paper, pattern, pencil, glue. Applied template for colored paper, circle, cut. Templates can be any: from butterflies and colors, to snowmen and Christmas tree.

These work will cope with children from the middle preschool group, or the younger preschoolers under the guidance of adults. The resulting figures are folded pairwise, between them lay the rope, glue. Young children can decorate the figures with additional details from self-adhesive paper: you can stick colored specks on the butterflies, on the Christmas tree - Christmas balls. Children like to decorate the garland details in random order, and adults like the end result.


Everyone familiar from childhood garland chain is very simple in performance, but it looks in bulk and beautiful. Even the smallest children will be able to make it with their own hands. In order to make the garland, you need to cut off bilateral paper for scrapbooking strips, 1.5-2 cm wide.

Then cut the "links" - divide the strips into fragments of the same length. Glue the ring from the first fragment. Inside the ring to turn the second fragment and take it - it will turn out the second link associated with the first. Thus, glue all segments, sold each subsequent in the previous one. Gyrlynd is ready.


Colored paper of two shades cut into an even number of strips. Monochrome strips are connected to each other so that two long stripes come. The beginning of these multicolored strips to glue at right angles to each other. Then alternately bend, then one, then another strip to the middle at right angles, until they end. The edge is fixed similar to the initial edge.


Another spectacular and interesting way to decorate the room - decorating with paper sockets. Even the kid can cope with the folding of paper in the harmonica, and the older child can be trusted with scissors, and all the work is entirely. In order to make a socket, you will need:

  • Dense colored paper, preferably bilateral;
  • scissors;
  • Adhesive, or fine double-sided tape.

First you need to take a square sheet of paper (or crop the usual sheet to a square) and fold the harmonica from it. Next, roll the harmonica in half so that the fan is. At this stage, you can form an openwork edge, cutting the tips with a semicircle, a triangle, or as your fantasy wants.

Make another 3 such blanks, then alternately glue with each other. The edges of the first and last fan also glue, closing a circle. If desired, to decorate the center of the crafts with a circle of designer paper, a sticker, colored bead. Socket is ready!

From outlets of different sizes, you can make flowers and put on the wall beautifully. And from the intelligence, there will be excellent garland, if you glue them with each other, alternating a wide and narrow side.

Also, fruits from paper outlets will also look original. To craft, you need to cut out of paper strips, 4.5 cm wide and length 18 (2 pcs.), 23 (4 pcs.), 28 (4 pcs.) Santimeters. Fold from strips of harmonica, steam shore. Shape the circles from the glued strips, glue into the outlet.

It should turn out 5 pieces. The smallest rosette is located on top of the rest, the largest thing is in the middle. To glue with each other, the top decorate the green paper leaves. If necessary, you can attach the rope for the top of the fruit, for which it will be attached to the wall, garland.

Postcards with applications

Paper applique on the "Apple" postcard

A beautiful greeting card is easy to make it yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • Tight sheet of colored paper;
  • Normal white sheet A4;
  • Colored napkins (for example, pink napkins are suitable for apple);
  • glue stick;
  • brown marker;
  • pencil.

Step-by-step master class for creating a postcard

A smooth small strip is cut from a sheet of colored paper (it can be cut out of it later). The remaining sheet is folded in half. White paper also folds, and then gluits so that it turns out a double sheet. A pencil on a white sheet is made of an apple sketch, a stick is painted with a marker. The carved green leaf is glued with a pencil glue.

The pink napkin is torn to small pieces that need to roll in small lumps. This work can be entrusted even to the kids. The number of lumps depends on the size of the apple. A layer of glue (neatly, without leaving for pencil lines, is applied to folded in half. Macial napkins are placed on glue and tightly pressed.

The billet is glued to the postcard, inside the congratulations are written. As a result, it turns out a great addition to a gift. Options for small girls - Dress Ballerina. It can be done on the same principle, only the napkins need to be twisted.

Hedgehog from paper strips

Cute hedgehog can be made of colored paper. For work will be useful:

  • Colored paper (for taurus and needles, color at the discretion of the child);
  • White sheet A4;
  • pencil;
  • marker;
  • glue stick.

Step-by-step instruction

An ordinary sheet of stationery is taken as the background. A semicircle is drawn on it, the needles of Hedgehog will be glued along the line. Strips are cut from brown or gray sheets, they need to be bent in half and glue the tips. On the drawn line glued the resulting needles.

With a small overlay, to hide the pencil line, the hedgehog can be glued on the needles. Marker draws mouth, nose and eyes. The original fake is ready.

Japanese-style crafts

In Japan, crafts from paper are a real culture. Only the technique of execution is more than a dozen, and how many types of sweeps do not count at all. Here are some interesting master classes from the country of the rising sun.


To perform this unusual handicraft, only adhesive pencil and square sheets of two-sided paper of two colors will be required. Square sheet to add diagonally so that the triangle is turned out. Right and left corner bend to the top. Now get the right valve to the right edge, and the left to the left.

It turns out two pockets. We reveal these pockets, bend their corners down. Now again bend these pockets inside. From the sides, two triangles are obtained, which need to be glued together very carefully, without making a fold. So it turns out one petal. Make 4 more petals in the same way and collect flower. You need to fold the 12 inflorescences from which to form a ball. Volumetric ball of flowers ready!

As you can see, creative work options. Children's crafts from paper will not only decorate the house, but also become a pleasant family occupation, able to give a sea of ​​positive emotions to both adults and kids.

Photo ideas of homemade paper crafts

Paper and cardboard are the most affordable materials for creativity. Create crafts from them very interesting and informative. And the work can be any complexity.


Details do with their hands from paper and cardboard there are the following advantages:

  1. Beautiful appearance.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Safety for health.
  4. Usefulness for the development of many important skills by the child.

To make an original thing, you can use everything: wallpaper residues, old newspapers, magazine cover, landscape sheets, etc. Creative approach will help get from anything a real masterpiece.

Rules for working with cardboard and paper

First of all, it must be assimilated that these materials are only the base. Needlewoman can not do without applying additional elements or tools. Some of them are dangerous, as a result, there is a need for a child's instruction.

And even better, so that the children are making crafts from colored paper and cardboard along with their parents. For the kids of preschool age, control by adults is obligatory.

Speaking of the database, she can be any. It all depends on the embodiment of the idea and age of the child. So, the sixlets work early with corrugations. Without an adult, they will not cope. Start mastering paper handling skills with low density material. If we are talking about the volumetric things, the light cardboard is recommended - it quickly takes and keeps the shape well.

As soon as children study the appliqués, it is possible to offer them to do origami. In this technique, you can make quite interesting crafts from paper and cardboard.

The latter is better to use middle density. Products from it will not look early. As for the paper, the craftsmen advise you to choose a slug or minor. The bends in this case are incredibly neat.

"Spider" in the technique of volumetric appliqué

To make a spider, you need to stock:

  • colored paper;
  • printing with the image of the web;
  • glue;
  • scissors.


  1. Color paper flashes and cut into 8 strips.
  2. Favorite tapes fold the harmonica.
  3. Take a sheet of colored paper of any color, draw a circle and cut it along the contour.
  4. Glit to the round blank made earlier "accordions".
  5. Using the marker, give a spider color.
  6. Glue eye.
  7. Using glue, attach the spider to the sheet with the web.

Flower bouquet

This version of crafts for children from paper and cardboard is better to offer a child before March 8. There is nothing difficult here. Parents' help will only need to be very young masters. Necessary materials:

  • Color cardboard;
  • paper;
  • glue;
  • Two types of scissors (with sharp and rounded ends).

At first they make stems from green cardboard. Then go to the manufacture of flowers. White sheet is folded along and cut. Half bend in half and on the one hand make a lot of suns.

The same actions are carried out with the second half of the paper. The number of parts should be equal to the number of stalks. Next collect a bouquet, fixing its components with glue.


For February 23, you can make a tank. There are a lot of ideas for such products. Some of them are pretty simple - even a preschooler will cope with their embodiment.

For military equipment it is better to use corrugated cardboard. From it make the basis of the tank and individual auxiliary details. Templates for such crafts from paper and cardboard can be found on the Internet.

After assembling the product, it is recommended to draw tracked links, designate a blow, hatch, etc. Details. The tank is better to install on the stand - it can be considered from all sides.


Attractive house for dolls can be created from 2 cardboard boxes. Even the glue, old wallpaper, colorful paper, stapler and scissors will be required. First you need to prepare boxes. Experienced needlewomen advise to take the packaging from the shoes - it is easier to work with it.

First of all, you need to mark the location of the partition of the second floor, window and doorways, stairs. After performing the markup, go to the cut. It is also necessary to prepare and install inter-storey overlap.

The lid from the box can be used to create the roof. It remains finishing work. There may be a colorful paper, old wallpapers, various small decor. If there is a desire, from dense cardboard allowed to make furniture.

Panel "Poodle"

To get this accessory, you need cardboard, paper and wool. Cardboard sheet should be pasted with paper. In the center you need to draw a silhouette of a dog and separate it with twisted balls by balls, applying glue to fixation. It remains a marker to designate eyes and nose.

Flowers from cardboard and cones

The bumps in this craft are used in a disassembled form, i.e. in the form of scales. Procedure:

  1. Take a color cardboard and stick on it some numbers of scales from the fetus of pine.
  2. From colors to put branches with leaves of colored paper.


Your child will be delighted if you offer him a miracle. The head of chanterelles is manufactured in the Origami technique, a torso, foot and tail - by appliqués. Also here you will need a felt-tumbler to draw the strip, as well as to designate the nose and eye. Materials:

  • Green cardboard;
  • orange and white paper;
  • marker;
  • glue.


Make the cheerful carrot of paper easier than simple. The required sequence of steps:

  • from orange paper to form the crox - the basis of the carrot;
  • from the green leaf cut leaves;
  • glue leaves to carrots;
  • Cut and stick your eyes and smile.

Tiger-piggy bank

Need an empty box of small dimensions, a couple of orange color leaves, paints, glue. It is necessary:

  • Plear the container paper orange paper;
  • from the remaining leaf cut the head, two limbs and tail;
  • White paint draw eyes and cheeks, and black - stripes;
  • Take the eye, spout and mustache;
  • glue your head to the back of the box;
  • glue bent paws and tail in the appropriate places;
  • Stationery knife make a slot for coins on the back. Piggy ready!

Aquarium fish

Want to create a whole composition? Pay attention to this craft. It is incredibly easy to perform. From the green cardboard you need to cut the silhouette of the aquarium, from the blue paper - water, from yellow - sand.

Decoration ready! It can be proceeded to settling the underwater world by fish, algae, pebbles, mollusks, making them from colored leaves.

Funny bee

In the summer it's time to create a similar craft. Take the paper of three colors: yellow, white, black. Also need glue and set of markers. Instruction:

  1. Cut from prepared paper 6 circles of the same size (two each color).
  2. From white and black leaves to make eyes.
  3. Break white circles in half. This is wings.
  4. On the base sheet, stick the black circle at the beginning, then the waist to him is yellow.
  5. Install wings. On top of them glue the second black circle.
  6. Attach a yellow head.
  7. Stick your eyes made, paint your mouth, foot and mustache.

Volume paintings

The painting with alternating open and closed stars, squares or hearts can decorate any nursery.

To achieve symmetry of figures, it is necessary to fold the leaves every time in half and cut the half of the workpiece. For the accuracy of the fold, it should be operated at the beginning of a sharp object.


In the photo of crafts from paper and cardboard, it can be seen that such an accessory, being made by skillful hands, looks pretty interesting. The highlight of the work is its decoration. These may be paintings, ribbons, beads, etc.

From paper and cardboard sheets today mastered things of different complexity. The choice of a specific idea depends on personal preferences. Crafts and paperboard manufacturing technologies can be spacked on the Internet.

Photo of crafts from paper and cardboard

DIY DIY MANUAL AND CARDON - the easiest way to create applications and volumetric souvenirs. It is starting to acquaint children with this kind of creativity.

Back in kindergarten, baby learns scissors and glue and begins to cut different parts of the body of animals, make beautiful flowers and form bouquets from them. And adults will be interested in doing something interesting.


A variety of options that will be interested in you

Technology crafts from paper and cardboard is simple and does not require the purchase of special materials. You only need to purchase color cardboard and paper and you can start creating beautiful and unusual souvenirs.

Crafts for children


Such a drawing is very pleased with the kids, and they will want to bring her to life with great zeal.

Necessary materials:

  • Orange colored paper;
  • Black cardboard - one sheet;
  • Pre-harvested patterns;
  • Adhesive pencil or you can buy ordinary liquid;
  • Little scissors.

Creating crafts - the main stages

Crafts with templates are very convenient and enjoy popular among users. With ready-made options and blanks, it is much easier to work.

Therefore, if you want to make a beautiful cat, then find a ready-made template on the Internet and print it.

Cut out the workpiece and transfer it to a sheet of orange paper. Circle it and can be cut.

Tails tighten with a pencil, and make the neck of the harmonica. On the muzzle, draw eyes, ears, spout and mouth.


Such an exercise can be placed on the wall and become an excellent interior decoration. Take the colored paper and begin to make it.

Photo of crafts from paper and cardboard will become excellent assistants in creating unusual ideas.

The sheet of blue paper take as a basis - it will be the sky. From a white sheet of paper, cut a large crispy cloud.

From yellow paper, cut out the sun with large rays triangles. The sun must be triangular and fit into a free corner.

Now the rainbow time has come. Cut the sticks: red, purple, yellow, orange, green, blue.

Once all the blanks are ready, you can transfer them to our "sky." We take adhesion and glue each line separately.

It is important not to smooth them, but create a bulk tubercle. On the one hand, the ends of the rainbow will close the cloud, and on the other sun.


Fish can be made in different ways, but this method will surely like it.

Because to create such a fish you will not need to look for intricate materials.

For the manufacture of a simple applique, you need to buy a set of colored paper, it is desirable to buy a matte, adhesive pencil and scissors.

Stages of performing crafts:

  1. We take colored paper and choose the colors of which we will cut fish;
  2. For example, blue is a background, the fins will be multi-colored fins, and the body of the fish will be from yellow and orange;
  3. Cut the strips from different colors. You should have 5 large strips and 3 small;
  4. We form a torso. To do this, cut the semicircle of yellow, it will be more and semicircle of orange;
  5. From white paper, cut out two small mug - these are eyes;
  6. We collect fish from the workpiece. The first thing is glued tail. For this, we take long sticks and glue them at the ends;
  7. Now the volumetric parts must be glued to the background. Also glue needed and small sticks;
  8. On the tail sticking the yellow semicircle of large size. Smoothed. Now it came to the turn of the fins;
  9. They must be glued to the beginning of the yellow circle and close orange. Pretty smoothed appliqué.

It remains to stick in the eyes, and draw a mouth with a marker.

Interesting crafts

Paper house

Necessary materials:

  • Brown cardboard;
  • Blue, red and yellow colored paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue.


  1. Making a roof from the cardboard sheet. It needs to be bent in half and slightly adjust on the sides;
  2. From the red leaf, cut out patterned windows. The pattern may be the most diverse, all at your discretion;
  3. While the roof and windows will last aside and proceed to creating walls.
  4. The house we will have a log, so you need to cut thick strips of the same size and twisted into the tube. Around the perimeter as it should be punctured;
  5. Now proceed to the formation of walls. We apply the tube on the tube. Each series consists of 5-7 logs;
  6. Walls are ready. You have to get a square.
  7. Now stick the windows and if you want, you can cut the door from red paper and place all these parts around the perimeter. Roof set to the house.

Leave the craft to dry.


For the manufacture of bulk elephant you will need a green cardboard or some other color and two sheets of thin paper green, ready-made eyes and a4 office sheet.

Cut the thick lines from the green cardboard and collect them into the tube. There should be 4 - it will be the legs of our elephant.

Cut the round ears from the green sheet of paper - 2. Also roll the tube. It will be the head of our elephant.

Tail Make a thin line and leave the square of green. We need it to fasten your feet.

From white paper you need to cut 6 semi-circles and glue two first legs.

Now form an elephant. We put 4 legs and glue them with a square. To the top glue the head and ears. With the help of a marker, we draw eyes and mouth.


We take:

  • Dark green cardboard;
  • Light green leaf;
  • Paper red, yellow, blue;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors.

You need to start with the creation of the glade itself. From the light green leaf we fold fans and bend it in the middle. On the bottom layer we smear glue and glue to the cardboard.

Now you can proceed to creating colors. Cut the chamomile of different sizes and from different colors. We stick them to the clearing in chaotic order. Cheerful spring handicraft ready!

Crafts from colored paper and cardboard will help you pass long winter evenings and just spend time with benefit.

Photo of crafts from paper and cardboard

Please make repost;)

Crafts from paper and cardboard with their own hands: Step-by-step instructions, schemes, photo + master class for children

Crafts with their own hands from paper and cardboard - an exciting occupation positively affecting the development of creative abilities. For ideas, it will take a bit of imagination and perfection. And the result will be an original gift, an interesting souvenir or a stylish interior detail.

For preschool children

For making crafts for children from paper and cardboard, you need to use a small set of tools. It is recommended to prepare templates for work in advance and organize a workplace.


The bulk tree will be able to become an excellent decoration in the child's room. For manufacture, you will need:

  • Cardboard;
  • Templates for the Christmas tree;
  • glue and scissors;
  • Green watercolor paint or gouache;
  • brush, pencil;
  • Decorative elements.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. On the Internet, you can choose crafts from colored paper and cardboard with patterns for the Christmas tree. The template is applied to the cardboard and will be burned. Two identical blanks on the contour are cut.
  2. Both details are painted with green paint on both sides. For color saturation, it is recommended to apply two layers of paint. Each layer must dry well.
  3. Both details are folded along and glued down in the center.
  4. A ready-made bulk Christmas tree can be decorated to taste: buttons, small circles from brilliant paper, rhinestones or sequins.

Decoration for home

Interesting crafts from paper and cardboard, despite their fragility, can finely decorate the room. To create a stylish curtains, you can use cranes folded in the Origami technique, butterflies or flowers look great.

Here you can involve not only a child, but also the whole family. For curtains you will need a couple of hundred paper blanks. You can choose one color to a suitable overall interior, or use the slightly combined shades.

All parts are riveted on the threads in a certain order. Decorated threads can arrange a chandelier or a window. If desired, it is easy to create a separate composition, securing operation on a solid circle or a conventional stick.

Puppet show

Mainly crafts from paper and cardboard are used in children's creativity. When the child begins to wake up interest in fabulous characters, you can distract it from modern devices. As one of the options - to create a puppet theater.

For finger characters, you will need:

  • Dense cardboard;
  • paints or colored paper;
  • Templates for heroes;
  • Glue, pencil and scissors.

Having artistic skills, you can draw templates yourself and translate them to a dense cardboard. Work will simplify the schemes downloaded from the Internet. For a longer service life, it is recommended to use a dense cardboard.

All items are transferred to cardboard and cut down the contour. Inside the characters are drawn up with the help of paints, markers or colored paper. Colorful, finger heroes in the game process will help in memory training. And if the child has forgotten the plot, they will enable fantasy.


The technology of crafts from paper and cardboard is very simple, which is why it is so popular in kindergartens. The colors of the festive postcard are selected on the basis of who it will be presented. Blue background, decorated with colorful candies, please boys. And if instead of candies glue flowers, you can pleasantly surprise my mother or grandmother.

For work it will be necessary:

  • Cardboard for the background of a suitable shade;
  • colored paper;
  • White list;
  • scissors and glue;
  • Ruler and pencil.

The first step of cardboard is folded in half, the color side from above. The wrong side is masked by a glued white sheet of paper. From the desired shade, a vase for flowers in the form of a trapezium is cut. Three long green stripes will serve as stalks.

On the usual sheet you can draw flowers with petals for the template. The template is transferred to three sheets of paper of different color. For the central part, three small yellow circles are cut.

Appliqué is collected from the finished parts. The first thing is trying to stalk, at the bottom there is a vase, hiding green tails. Flowers are collected at the top. Vase can be decorated with colored circles, and the postcard is ready.

Stand for pens

Photo Crafts from paper and cardboard clearly demonstrate that the product may not only be decorative, it is capable of performing a useful function. For example, a cup for pencils and pens.

For the manufacture you will need a cardboard tube from the food film, a paper towel or foil. A color sheet of suitable size is glued to the tube. Corrugated paper looks original.

Smooth surface can be decorated with an additional decor, or depict your favorite characters. The bottom fixes the cap of the suitable diameter. You can make an unlimited number of colorful cups and copp them with each other.


If the child has already begun to be interested in numbers, then you can jointly make decorative clocks with a dial. Optionally create a regular round clock. Much more interesting will turn out the clock in the form of a bear, where figures will be on a round tummy.

A bear is cut out of dense cardboard. If there is no color cardboard, then the standard color can be sealed with colored paper. The zone of the tummy passes a circle, which will move away from the edges by 1 cm.

The necessary numbers are cut out of black paper, you can make all twelve, or choose only 12, 3, 6 and 9, and the free distance between them is filled with miniature daisies.

For the muzzle of the bear, round eyes and spout are cut. The clock is complemented by two moving arrows of different lengths. All items glued into the overall picture.

Colorful snails

For the manufacture of colored snail, a disposable cardboard plate, colored paper, glue, scissors and markers will be required. Crafts will be relevant for children of the senior group.

Small, colored rectangles are cut to decorate a plate. Each figure is glued to the edge of the plate in a circle, as a result, the circle must be decorated completely.

For the shell, you can choose one color, but for children it will be more interesting to work with multi-colored elements. For the face, a snail with eyes is chosen yellow paper. Flomers are drawn up eyes and smile. The finished muzzle is fixed with a plate, with a side.

Photo of crafts from paper and cardboard

Most popular photos of articles

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

One of the most popular types of needlework - crafts from paper. Indeed, the materials for such work will always be found, and besides, there is absolutely no boundaries for creative manifestation!

The kind of such an interesting occupation is expanding, new directions appear in paper skills. Here, for example, it is relatively recently engaged in fashion, scrapbooking, paneling, kirigami and many more interesting things.

In this article you can find various technologies for making crafts from paper and cardboard for beginners, as well as photo crafts from paper and cardboard.

Brief content of the article:

Cardboard wonders

So, dear lovers to make their own hands, we offer you some simple workshops on crafts from paper and cardboard. Prepare your hands, we start making!

As a rule, when it comes to making crafts, most of the masters practically do not use cardboard and, by the way, very in vain. Cardboard is not only a box for storing old things, it is also a means to make the world around yourself brighter and original.

And now we turn to the specifics. What kind of fakes can be made from cardboard? Borders There are no absolutely no: you can make your own cardboard castle, a mysterious labyrinth, a birdhouse or even a rocket! Paged instructions for making craft you can consider below.

Photo Frame for Mom

  • Take a large tight cardboard sheet and a small flat plate.
  • Attach a plate to a circle so that its edges touch the surface.
  • After a simple pencil circle the outline of the plate and cut the resulting circle along the contour.
  • From color paper cut medium-sized ovals in the amount of 15-2 pages. These will be the petals of the chamomile frame.
  • Stick the petals to the frame in a circle, we have a chamomile.
  • Now on the resulting circle to the center, take a photo, and on the edges, decorate beads, ribbons or funny pictures. Ready! Mom is very glad to give a gift!

Little tips for large masters:

Use for crafts as many creative materials as possible: beads, tape, wallpaper, fabric, ribbons, markers, paints, glue, colored paper, sequins and everything that only takes off.

Shoot to the joints of a paper cottage house.

Want to make wallpaper in your doll house? This will suit the paper for scrapbooking. Today in stationery stores you can find paper on any color and texture!

To give your handy of a stylish look, draw a pattern of white paint on cardboard. So, for example, mono draw the roof on the roof of the house, and still clouds, snow or small snowflakes. Fantasize!

From cardboard you can even make pastries! Cut out the mug of medium size from the cardboard, turn the layer of colored paper or fetra from above, and then decorate the top of the liver to your taste. Mmmmm ... looks so appetizing!

Paper and Cardboard Cards

Traditionally, the postcard is considered an integral part of the gift. The host is always very nice to get a beautifully decorated postcard with various wishes.

Much more pleasant when she is made by the hands of the donant! Options for greeting cards Uyma - congratulations on March 8, in the afternoon of all lovers!.

The minimum that you will need when creating your own unique postcard: glue, scissors, colored paper. But on this list of materials does not end, you can use cardboard, wood figures, plastic, beads, artificial roses, ribbons and even plasticine!

Be sure to connect the whole family for their manufacture!

Technique scrapbooking

For those who love beautiful crafts from paper and cardboard made by their own hands, you will like the scrapbooking technique. Scrapbooking is considered one of the types of cards and is quite often used in recently lovers of needlework.

For those who are not yet familiar with such a technique, we explain: so called the creation of photo albums in the form of a collage with your own hands using various decorative decorations.

Events for such a gift, like scrapbooking a lot, you can present such a gift to your friends or native on the wedding day, the New Year, the anniversary or for any other occasion.

Of course, all materials that can be useful to create scrapburging can be purchased in stationery or specialized stores, but you can also go to their manufacture and yourself. This, for example, you can use newspapers, cuts from magazines, confetti, threads, sparkles, cotton and so on.

Technique Pergamano

The invention of this technique is rooted in the Middle Ages and belongs to European nuns. This technique was decorated with the Sheets of Scripture. They say that the technique of quilling (twisting paper) is also their merit.

Few know about the technique of Pergamano, and in vain, by the way. Pergamano is embossing on parchment. And for this, a special tool is not required, sufficiently armed with a simple knitting needle with a round tip or pin. In order to do the holes, you will need manicure scissors.

We hope that this article was useful to you and our tips will help you make paper and cardboard crafts of any complexity.

Photo of crafts from paper and cardboard

In school, each of us on labor lessons created a variety of crafts from color cardboard and paper. Now it seems to be a children's occupation, but it is not. Currently, interior things are increasing increasingly popular, including paper crafts. It can be various applications or balls, as well as flowers and many more different ideas.

Yes, and for kids, such an occupation, how to create paper crafts is of great importance. Creating beautiful crafts from cardboard and paper helps the child to develop a fine motility of fingers.

In turn, the developed motoric is affected by the speed of thinking. About how to make crafts from cardboard and paper and let's talk in this article.

Brief content of the article:

Children's lessons of labor: Paper crafts

Crafts from paper and cardboard do it yourself - an important part of child development. In order for school classes on labor to be effective, a teacher of junior classes, first of all, should pass the guys. In this case, students will independently be prepared for comprehensive development.

Integrate children easily with the game. For example, a teacher can offer children to create the heroes of a fairy tale for the future presentation of the puppet theater or ball decoration balls.

When creating any craft, it is important to tell the background about it. If this is a flower, then you can explain where it grows and what is called.

If we are talking about Japanese art - origami, then the children will surely find out what it originates and that with the help of folding can be made of paper.

Flowers from cardboard

Let's talk about how to make a certain type of paper color. The simplest and beautiful handicraft from paper and cardboard is a dahlia flower.

Simplicity of crafts is that the flower consists of a variety of small horns from paper. You can create a composition of any sizes along the same scheme simply changing the size of the blanks.

For the manufacture of dahlia, you need: cardboard, color block for entries, scissors and paper glue. In order to get a flower, cut out from the cardboard the required circle size.

Paper blanks twist into the horn and glue the edges. Next, with the help of PVA or any other paper glue, we glue around the edges of the circle of horns. Print is tightly to each other, sharp ends to the center.

The following circles with glue are placed on the previous ones, and so far one will remain. Insert the last horn and leave for drying. That's ready flower - excellent class decoration.

Original crafts from paper and cardboard

The most original children's crafts from paper and cardboard is considered to be what is being done to any holidays. For example, you can make a Christmas decoration for the new year, or a gift to mom make a bouquet of flowers.

You can build a car, plane, tank or even a rocket. The most important thing to go to the case with the full use of your own fantasy.

For holidays, younger classes in labor lessons often perform postcards, which will be further presented for the holiday. And paper applications look great on cardboard postcards.

Most popular what is being done in this case is a large flower on a colored background. An excellent choice, since for short 45 minutes any child will have time to perform such a pattern. How to make such a craft of colored paper and cardboard we will now tell.

For the manufacture of postcards you need a standard set of tools and materials, which includes: scissors, paper, cardboard, pencil, line and glue. If desired, some details can be created using plasticine.

To begin with a sheet of cardboard folds in half. You can take a color or white cardboard, it will be great to look a bright two-way.

Next, about 5 flower circuits are cut out of the paper of the desired color. Each next flower approximately on the centimeter should be less in diameter than the previous one.

The next step from the strip of paper of another color in a width of 2 centimeters in size, for about 5 centimeters, we make the center of the flower. We make in one edge of the shallow cuts and the back side of the scissors tune the resulting fringe.

Gently fold the middle into the tube and glue the edges. With the help of PVA glue, we glue the billet of the flower to a postcard one after another, in the center we glue our core. From paper of green, it remains to make a stem and a couple of leaves, which are also glued to the cardboard.

The beautiful postcard is ready, it remains only to sign it and add a few words of congratulations. These are beautiful and simple crafts from paper and cardboard you can do with children at home and school.

Photo of crafts from paper and cardboard

We also recommend viewing:

Crafts from paper are so multifaceted and fascinating kind of creativity that I could not pass it by side. Since I myself fond of different types of creativity, and I also grow a daughter's assistant, which is constantly, something cramming and can not live without needlework. That in our piggy bank must be useful or just an interesting master classes from paper in different subjects and for different cases. I think my piggy bank with the master classes from paper will be useful for you. Here you will be able to draw for yourself inspiration or find a suitable idea, as well as to squeeze the step-by-step process. I gathered those that in my opinion seemed interesting, original or useful. What are those complex to manufacture with kids.

For the manufacture mainly need paper (color, simple white or corrugated, in some cardboard products) scissors, pencil, line, glue. And the main creative mood)))

Are you ready? Then let's go up!

Let's start perhaps with useful paper ideas

Bookmarks for paper books with step-by-step photos.


Bookmarking Hearts Origami

Heart bookmarks

I also liked the idea of ​​mittens on the string. These mittens can be drawn by themselves, but you can cut out of paper for scrapbooking.


The following idea is the anti-stress bookmarks, although they are indirectly crafts, but this is also a type of creativity related to paper, besides, in our turbulent time they can be very useful. And you can print or redraw from the monitor screen.

Bookmarks Antistress

Volumetric 3D crafts from paper to decorate the interior.

The following utility is the interior decoration. With the help of paper, we can create an extra comfort in the house or set a certain atmosphere. You can also craft from paper to decorate the zone for photo shoots or create a decor for the holiday. In general methods of use, there are so many, so we go to ideas.

Girlands of butterflies for decoration

Girlynda Butterfly for Decor

Girlands Butterfly1

Girlands Butterfly2.

Also, the butterflies can be decorated with butterflies so that the butterflies are voluminous to glue only the original wings must be free.

Photosone from butterflies

Well, back to the garlands, you can do all sorts of different, for example, in the form of such 3d hearts.

Garland hearts

Or these luminous sprockets

Garland glowing asterisks

You can also make bulk droplets, mugs or clouds, in general anything and mounted as you like. At least to make the garland, even though glued on the wall, or at all on a postcard in the form of an applique.

Volumetric Appliques

Volumetric Appliques1

Ball 3d

And for the interior decoration, here is such an original idea)

Interior decor

Idea for wedding paper decoration

Decor for wedding

But such sockets can be decorated with any joyful event whether it is a wedding, a children's holiday or a photo session.


How to make paper sockets stages:

Sizes of sockets Socket stages

For decor


Snowflakes1 Snowflakes2. Snowflakes3. Snowflakes4.

And from the floor - the sockets can be made very beautiful garland


Volumetric fruits made of paper.

To decorate a festive interior, you can make a different volumetric fruit from paper. In this master class you can see how to make mandarins or pumpkins, who like more. On this principle, other fruits can be made, for example: a pear or an apple, the main color to choose and proportions should be done under the species of real fruits.

Mandarins from paper

Paper can be taken different orange shades. And green for leaves.

Mandarins from paper1

Paper should be cut into strips 4 cm. Width and length 18 cm. - 2 pcs, 23 cm. - 4 pcs, 28 cm. - 4 pieces. It will turn out 10 strips.

Mandarinks from paper2.

Each strip must be bandaged in the form of a harmonica or fan.

Mandarins from paper3.

Next, the paired strips must be glued together and closer to the ring.

Mandarinks from paper4.

It should be 5 pieces

Mandarinks from paper5

Then each ring need to glue the middle


We collect all the sockets with each other for glue.

Mandarins from paper7.

And we glue a twig and leaflets. Myandarov turned out to be just a look)

Papers from paper8.

Fruits or vegetables can be made in another way

For example, such a children's handicraft paper "Carrot"

Carrot from paper

Or "apple"

Apple paper

Children's crafts, postcards with paper appliqués.

Beautiful postcards with appliqués can be made of colored paper and ordinary table wipes or corrugated paper.

Apple Applique Apple Apple1. Apple Apple2. Apple Apple 3. Apple Applique4 Apple Apple5.

In the same way, the principle can be made and a dress for the ballerina, only the paper is not twisted into a lump, but in the tube.

Paper ballerina

And with children, you can make such a pretty hedgehog from narrow paper strips.

Hedgehog Hedgehog1 Hedgehog2. Hedgehog3 Hedgehog4 Hedgehog5 Hedgehog6 Hedgehog7. Hedgehog8

Or the applique of a polar bear

Applique Polar Bear Appection Polar bear1 Appection Polar Bear2. Appection Polar Bear3.

Floral ball of corrugated paper is stepdown.

Floral ball Floral ball1 Floral ball2 Floral ball3 Floral ball4 Floral ball5 Floral ball6. Floral ball7. Floral ball8

On our site there is also an article how to make flowers from paper for bouquets of sweets

Or how to make flowers from different materials

In the meantime, we continue

Origami, Kurigami, Kusudama crafts from paper stages.

Selection of sprockets from paper in different techniques.

Paper Kusudam Star

Star from paper

Asterisks for Shara

paper sprocket stages Stars from paper

Also useful crafts I consider beautiful boxes that can be collected with your own hands for storing different trifles or even for gift packaging, more ideas for packing gifts from paper See here

Kirigami box


Ball in Kusudam's technique.

Cosudam paper5

Cosudama paper Cosudam paper2. Cosudam paper3. Cosudam from paper4.

And last few more ideas

Origami for children

Origami Butterfly

Origami Butterfly


Origami Savablik

Origami Kozatka


Origami Kot.


Origami Lisa

Origami boat.


Origami frog


Origami Bird


Origami Fish


Origami Skat.


Origami Elephant


Origami dog

Another interesting view of paper crafts is snowflakes, more than 50 ideas with templates and schemes you can find in this article.

And I have everything for today! Inspiration is splashing by the river, while he wrote an article, already with her daughter I tried to make some crafts, my daughter is now rejoicing with new toys, and I am glad that it did not in vain that I would have done this time-consuming work. I would like one expensive little man We will return more than once with her to this article.

If you also liked this selection, add it to the bookmarks, so as not to lose. And I will be grateful to your comments, because I just know that my work was done not in vain.

And if you want not to miss new super useful articles from our creative piggy bank, then join our group in contact https://vk.com/bantomaniya

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