Codes for GTA: San Andreas: All codes [RUS, PC]

Codes for GTA: San Andreas: All codes [RUS, PC]


Enter the codes during the game (do not press pause. Attention: Do not save the game with active codes!

Weapons, Health and Armor

  • LXGIWYL - Set of weapons 1, for lovers
  • KJKSZPJ - Set of weapons 2, for professionals
  • UZUMYMW - Set of weapons 3, for psychos
  • Rocketman - Get Jetpak (Rocket Dance)
  • Aiypwzqp - get a parachute
  • WANRLTW - infinitely patterns, the recharge is not needed
  • NCSGDAG - Hitman status in all weapons
  • Ouiqdmw - aiming archery of weapons while driving
  • Hesoyam - Health, Armor, $ 250K
  • Baguvix - Infinite Health

Police, statistics and gangs

  • Osrblhh - increase the level of your crime into two stars
  • ASNAEB - Clear your crime level
  • LJSPQK - Level of your crime - Six Stars
  • Aezakmi - your crime level is always equal to 0
  • MUNASEF - adrenaline mode
  • Kangaroo - Mega Jump
  • Iavenjq - Mega Stick
  • AeduwNV - You never get hungry
  • CVWKXAM - endless oxygen
  • Btcdbcb - fat
  • Kvgyzqk - Lucky
  • Jysdsod - the most pumped
  • OGXSDAG - Maximum Respect
  • Ehibxqs - maximum attractiveness
  • MROEMZH - everywhere gang members
  • Bifbuzz - gangs control the streets

Get cars

  • AiwPrton - Tank - Rhino
  • CQZIJMB - Old Racing Machine - Bloodring Banger
  • JQNTDMH - Little Jeep - Rancher
  • PDNEJOH - Racing Machine No. 1 - Racecar
  • VPJTQWV - Racing Machine # 2 - Racecar # 2
  • AQTBCODX - Catafalk - Romero
  • Krijebr - Limousine - Stretch
  • UBHYZHQ - Garbage truck - Trashmaster
  • RZHSUEW - Machine with Golf Camera - Caddy
  • Jumpjet - Fighter - Hydra
  • KGGGGDKP - amphibian machine, on an air cushion - Vortex Hovercraft
  • OhDude - Military Helicopter - Hunter
  • Akjjyglc - quad bike - Quad
  • Amomhrer - Truck with fuel - Tanker Truck
  • EEGCYXT - Bulldozer - Dozer
  • Urkqsrk - plane for tricks - Stunt Plane
  • AgBDLCID - Hasive Jeep - Monster


  • CPKTNWT - blow all the cars
  • Xicwmd - Invisible Machine
  • PGGOMOY - perfect management
  • Zeiivg - only green light
  • Ylteicz - aggressive drivers
  • LLQPFBN - Pink Cars
  • IOWDLAC - Black Cars
  • AFSNMSMW - Water transport - flies
  • BGKGTJH - Cheap cars
  • GUSNHDE - Fast Cars
  • Ripazha - cars fly
  • Jhjoeecw - a huge rabbit jump
  • Jcnruad - big explosion
  • COXEFGU - All cars have Nitro (acceleration)
  • BSXSGGC - Machines fly off when collision
  • THGLOJ - less machines
  • FVTMNBZ - Only rural transport on the roads
  • VKYPQCF - In each, Nitro (acceleration) is installed
  • VQIMAHA - Maximum skill in managing all machines

Game process

  • Ajlojyqy - Pedestrians attack each other
  • Bagowpg - For your head award is appointed
  • FooOoxFT - all armed
  • Szcmawo - commit suicide
  • BlueSuedeshoes - Elvis everywhere.
  • BgLuawml - Pedestrians attack you from grenade launchers
  • CIKGCGX - Beach Party
  • AFFHULTL - Ninja theme
  • Bekknqv - magnet prostitutes
  • Iojufzn - uprising regime
  • Priebj - theme - madhouse
  • SJMAHPE - Hire anyone (9mm)
  • BMTPWHR - Pedestrians and Machines - Rural
  • Zsoxfsq - hire any (Rockets)

Weather and time

  • Afzllqll - the weather is clear
  • Icikpyh - the weather is clear, very sunny
  • AlnsFMZO - moderate cloudiness is expected
  • Auifrvqs - Rain is expected
  • CFVFGMJ - Fog expected
  • MGHXYRM - Possible Thunderstorm
  • CWJXUOC - Beware of dust storms
  • Ysohnul - speed up time
  • PPGWJHT - speed up the gameplay
  • Liyoaay - slow down gameplay
  • Xjvsnaj - always midnight
  • Ofviac - Orange Sky 21:00

What would get 100% of the game after passing, if you persist with codes: GTA SA: resetting the status of codes

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Well, finally, I decided to pay attention to this important aspect of the game, actually and dedicate this page. To begin, I will say that law enforcement agencies are divided into several parts, namely:

Well, finally, I decided to pay attention to this important aspect of the game, actually and dedicate this page. To begin, I will say that law enforcement agencies are divided into several parts, namely:

  1. Police (Police, SAPD)
  2. SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics)
  3. FBI (FBI)
  4. Army (Army, National Guard)

Each part interacts with each other and is included in the capture of the criminal (there is a seating) as passions are glowing, that is, it depends on the level of danger (or asterisks). But about this later. Now I will tell you more about each of these departments.

Police (Police)

Police (or cops, cops, garbage, call as you want) carry permanent duty on the streets of cities and the villages of San Andres.

SAPD. divided into 4 parts:

  1. LSPD - Los Santos Police Department (Los Santos Police)
  2. SFPD - San Fierro Police Department (San Fierro Police)
  3. LVPD - Las Venturas Police Department (Las Velatura Police)
  4. Rural police

Each city (and in some villages) has its own police office. In some of them you can go, and find some useful objects for yourself, namely :

  • - Body armor
  • - Police Dubyka
  • - 9mm pistol
  • - Drobook
  • - Dildo (!)

Just do not blame there with your weapon, and not the infinite number of copies be trapped on you) also have a lot of different vehicles in service - they will get you not only on Earth, but also on the water. Each department has its own copkars. At LSPD and the SFPD they are the same, only the text on the doors is different (LSPD / SFPD), but the LVPD has several other design and LVPD on the sides. In Kopkara, there are shotguns with the 5th cartridges, use it. The rural police in service stands an SUV. Copy HPV-1000 motorcycles often drive in cities. They also have helicopters and boats.

  Police transport:

1. Copkars (4 varieties)

2. Motorcycles HPV-1000

3. Helicopters POLICE MAVERICK

4. Boat

 Police weapons:

1. Dubinka

2. Pistol 9mm

3. Drobovik

4. machine guns on helicopters and boats


Los Santos Copovozka

San Fierro


Las Venturas.


Rural police


Kopsky Vertal


Kopovsky motorcycle


Coast security

Helicopter with a searchlight

S.W.A.T (special forces)

Special forces enters into battle when the police are no longer able to keep the seating and she needs help. They are better armed and prepared. Unlike the police, they carry body armor and harder them. They also know how to descend on the ropes from the helicopter, thereby entering the battle bake immediately. In the SWAT truck there is a body armor! (Ficha like a shotgun in Copkar and the recovery of HP in the ambulance)

Transportation Special Forces:

1. Truck S.W.A.T.

2. Tank with a water meter (there is only in the last mission!)

3. Helicopters

Special Force Armament:

1. Bulk articles

2. Micro Ultrasound


Truck specials

Tank special forces (only in the last mission)


In theory, the FBI should not take part in the fighting, but for some reason they go to challenges. They are in service with SMG, and when the fBroves get out of their rancher near the criminal, they will quickly turn it into a sieve (even such a strong nutlet as a cident !!!) Therefore, if your ass is interested in the FBI, I do not advise you to stop, but Especially leave your vehicle ...

Transport FBI: 1.FBI Rancher (Jeep) 2.FBI Truck (Truck, should have been used in one of the missions that did not enter the game. Now used on SA servers: MP and MTA) Arms of the FBI:

1. SMG

Jeep FBI

FBI Truck (not in the game)

Army, National Guard (Army, National Guard)

When it is very bad, the army comes into battle. It acts both on earth and in the air! If you feed from the cops at the maximum search level on the helicopter ... In general, this is not the best idea, since the hydraisters fly in the air, and they shoot rockets with self-adjustment, which are quite problematic to dodge. And on the ground, trucks stuffed with warriors and ... Tanks! Fortunately, they do not shoot for you, their goal is just to crush you), but if you were in such a frill without transport, then the tank will not make long wait). Psipup and will wait ... until you finish a HP strip. The warriors themselves armed with M4 - it is better to give them to get out of the truck.

Army transport:

  1. Truck Barracks.
  2. Tank Rhino.
  3. Hydra fighter
  4. HUNTER combat helicopter (when capturing is not used)
  5. Patriot jeep (when capturing seated not used)
  6. Cargobob cargo helicopter (when capturing is not used)

Army armament:

  1. M42. Rockets with thermal guidance


Army truck





Hydra lets rocket

Asterisk of searching

If you are afraid to recruit asterisks and do not know what you will be for it - then you are here.

1 star - Casual cops are chased after you, which will be near you. If you are armed, they will shoot, if not, then beat the batons. One star is very easy to reset, just without falling through the corps on the eyes.

2 stars - Copcars and cop-motorcycles are already targeting you. Cops will shoot in you anyway. Activates the police on the water

3 stars - a police helicopter appears in the air. He will shoot you from the machine gun and dazzling the searchlight (at night). There are more cops on the streets, some cops get a shotgun from Kopkar.

4 stars - SWAT appears on van, also SWAT descends on the ropes from the helicopter. Rare Hydra is on duty in the air.

5 stars - the FBI enters into battle. Copcars almost disappear, but on the streets there are many cops. 5 stars can be obtained only after opening the 2nd city

6 stars - the National Guard with Tanks and Trucks is coming out in the arena. More hydra appears in the air. Pile of cops run on the streets. 6 stars can be obtained after the opening of the 3rd city.

There are as many as 5 ways to reset the search level:

- Choose a few stars in secret places

- to go to the repaint and change the color of the car for free / for $ 100

- change the hairstyle / clothing (for savory cap "on the side" instead of "up" already enough difference)

- Save (not just enter the house and exit)

- Arrange the ASnaB or Aezakmi code

Become a cop in GTA San Andreas

At the moment there are two options, how to get a police in

GTA San Andreas.

And now we will discern them. The first option offers a special download.


or a script adding in the gameplay a lot of interesting features. After installing it, the player gives a form of a policeman and


With the required number of cartridges, as well as the ability to choose the type of car - passenger, SWAT or BTR.

Option to become a cop without installing fashion

The second option to start a responsible life and every day to bear the patrol is more time consuming. To play for the valiant polisman in Gta San Andreas, you must pass the mission "Police". However, it is not so easy to do.

Police in GTA SA

To begin with, it is necessary to make friends (in all senses) with a secretary of the sheriff of one of the towns of Barbara Scholyvart. If the seduction process was successful, then you get the form and the opportunity to ride on its service jeep. And then the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Kill the first opposite policeman and take a baton with him;
  • We begin to pass the mission "Police";
  • Watch out to bring the case to the end, namely: do not shoot in civilians and try to survive and not get under arrest.

This method does not allow for a real term for positions, but will give the opportunity to join the authority. It is possible to use the position, but it is better not to abuse, since the stars of the violation of the order are charged by the player, even when it is in shape. To not be behind the lattice itself, it is better not to get into serious grill and engage in the prevention of small disorders.

The fourth part of the famous game came out for a long time. But still becoming popular with gamers. Some decide to remember the past and pass all parts of "GTA", others after the cult fifth series want to try out the previous ones. One way or another, players are looking for answers to questions arising in the course of the game. As in "GTA: San Andreas" become a policeman, not many know. We will try to figure it out.


In GTA, there are several types of law enforcement agencies that will be taking the peace of mind and work for the benefit of the inhabitants. In addition to the police, there are SWAT, FBI and Army. Each of them performs its role, but together they interact in special cases.

how in gta san andreas become a policeman

The police are responsible for ensuring that it is still calm on the streets of the city. They carry patrol in cities and villages. In addition, they are divided into 4 units related to different regions.

Useful discovery

Each city guards its management where the player can get. Some will be simply useless, others, on the contrary, will help to get steep artifacts. For example, weapons like a 9 mm gun or shotgun or a baton and a bullet armor. Also here are stored and funny items. If you decide to declare on bird rights, it is better to behave calmly, otherwise you can raise in a turbulent or be killed.

In addition to weapons, you can assign yourself and transport. If the cops came to you, consider that you can get, wherever you are. In the machines you can find weapons and cartridges. Also, the player can select a helicopter or motorcycle.

Without mods and cheats

Every gamer chooses a role for himself. You can pass "GTA" as a positive hero, and you can become a "thunderstorm" San Andreas and the most terrible violator. If you still choose for yourself the "way of goodness", then for you a mission "Police" was prepared.

how to become a policeman in gta san andreas

Interestingly, the passage is quite controversial, because in order to become a policeman, you will have to violate the law. So you can calmly ride the city, seek the villains and fight them. But in order to end, to deal with how to become a policeman in "GTA: San Andreas", you need to get a form.

Barbara Sternvart should be for you "love of your whole life." She is the secretary of the sheriff in one of the cities, and therefore already has access to the ammunition. To quickly take possession of the girl, you need to know a couple of moments. First, she loves pretty fat men, secondly, loves to slowly ride a car on rural roads, thirdly, having fun on discos.

Barbara's houses are located on 4 pm to 6 in the morning. Dinner loves in a cafe, not far from his dwelling. Bonuses from relationships with her you will notice already at the beginning. First, if a polisman arrests you, he will not pick you up with your weapon. Further, you will have the opportunity to drive on her service jeep, and this, consider it already on the way to solve the issue, as in the "GTA: San Andreas" become a policeman. And at the last stage of relationships you get a form.

When you have ammunition and weapons, we are looking for a colleague-yawak city. Sometimes the patrol is losing vigilance, and they can be easily killed. By the way, if you beat the polismen fists, you will get only one story of the search, if you shoot, then two. Now you can pick up the baton - and forward, perform a mission.

What's next?

Passage will not cause you problems. You now know how to become a police officer in the "GTA: San Andreas", it remains just to clean the villains in the city. If you do not touch peaceful, no one will even suspect you.

To pass the mission, you need to overcome 12 levels. Each of them kill criminals, on the first one, on the second - two, on the third - three and so on. Passage can be failed for several reasons: if you are arrested or you will die. Also, if you came out of the car, but for a minute did not have time to return or sit in another, and if the time ended to perform tasks.

gta san andreas how to become a police code

As in "GTA: San Andreas" become a policeman, you now know. This will happen if you killed 78 villains. On average, you will have an hour-and-a half time for it, although it all depends on what way you decide to play and how good you are working with weapons. By the way, for the passage of this mission you will get 150 units to the body armor.

Codes and mods

Usually beginners try to find cheats. On the question of, in "GTA: San Andreas" how to become a policeman, code or mod will not help answer. This developers did not provide. Therefore, to look for something on the Internet is quite unsafe. Probably, it will be much easier to be simply wetting into police sites, to twist and rob.

If you want to risk, you can search for user mods "GTA: San Andreas". Being a policeman with them will be easier, although not always safe for your PC. They will make you feel a cop, create affairs and fulfill the missions. By the way, some mods are created so that after starting the game in stores, those things that were not found there were not found there.

Fashion GTA San Andreas Become a policeman

After installation, the creators do not recommend changing files in their folders in their own way, so you should carefully read the instructions so that everything starts correctly. With the successful installation of NIKO with ease, fit into the police shape and the cap, and you can enjoy a fascinating game of the Hero Cop.

To pass the game by 100% - be sure to perform everything. Medic

Find ambulance, your task is to pick up patients and bring them to the hospital. I recommend passing mission in the countryside in the north of Los Santos. Go through 12 levels in a row. Auto repair it.

Read more here Reward:


150% health

+ Money for saved patients.

Picture PictureTaxi driver

Find any taxi car and start the mission, transport 50 passengers, not necessarily everyone immediately, the result is developing. Auto can be repaired.

Reward: All taxis has nitro

+ money for passengers.

Picture PicturePoliceman

You need any police car, but I recommend a tank that you can kidnap in one of the bases of the base 69. Start the mission, as you wake the criminals themselves, you will receive the stars yourself and the police will be chasing you, then you will also help you tank. With the first opportunity, do not forget to pick up the stars-bribes of the police on the streets, thereby lowering your dressingness. The tank can not be explored and make it easier to shoot the auto criminals. Go through 12 levels in a row. Auto repair it. All levels must be passed 1 time.

Reward: An increase in armor 150%

+ Money for criminals (it is possible to earn very well, the award is issued in geometric progression, that is, for 1 criminal for example, $ 20, for the second 30, for 100 $ 250000, like this).

Picture PictureFirefighter

You will need a fire truck, find it and start the mission. Go away 12 levels at a time. Auto repair it is impossible.

Reward: Fire resistance

(Karl no longer burns on fire) + money for stewed fires.

Picture PicturePimp

Sit into Broadway - Auto Ham and start the mission. Complete 10 levels at a time, the car can be repaired.



Pay Carla

+ Money for mission.

Picture PictureCargo delivery by train

Mission of the commercial train (available after the opening of all cities). Go to any station and wait for the arrival of the train. Sit into the driver's cockpit and start the mission. You must deliver cargo from one station to another, the simplest mission. At the first level, $ 150 pay - for the station, at the second - $ 300. Complete 2 levels, do not exceed the train speed above 48 otherwise it will come down with the rail and will turn over.

Reward: $ 50,000. Picture PictureCamnediner (parking).

Simple car parking mission in San Fierro, go through 5 levels in a row and you will get a new property that makes profit. The mission will be available after passing "555 WE TIP", a lacker costume will appear in your wardrobe, dressed suit and go to pass the mission.

Reward: 2000 $


Picture Picture Picture You can not only treat cars, but also to work as a cop, and quite interesting work.

One of the most interesting mods for GTA San Andreas - mod on a policeman. He is one of the most downloaded. On the one hand, the fact that the main character who hijacked the car was quite rich, which all his life was hijacked and fired others the same as he is bad guys, putting a police form. On the other hand, new tasks appear, you can grab the violators and send them to prison for ever / ever (joke). And it is also legally wearing a trunk. Well, the last - the sealing form of the corop even goes, check out themselves.

What a man! The real colonel! Or a sergeant, as they have there.

How to become a policeman in Gta San Andreas?

To like in the form of the Cop, you need to enter the cheat code after installing the mode


. You need to enter it directly from the keyboard. You can press ESC to suspend the gameplay. Very convenient if your mafios or cops are chasing you. You are changing and your search level drops to two stars. And if the kneading continues - you can even cause reinforcement. You will arrive in a couple of seconds the car with policemen that will protect you as your own.

What gives mod on the corp in Gta San Andreas?

The game process changes slightly. It is clear that you will need to serve and protect that the police form will be issued and that you will legally own weapons (colts of the 45th caliber you are not a joke). But in addition, in addition to this, the city will ride bad guys on jeeps and pickles and they will shoot civil and for you. And your duty will shoot these bad guys to the status of immobility. Do not forget to activate cheat code on endless cartridges, because these reptiles are alive. Maybe it is a little monotonous, but the game dilutes with new tasks.

By the way, to call a reinforcement machine with policemen in GTA San Andreas, you must press the key combination

Tab + Num 7

. Together pouring their former accomplices will be more fun! So that there are no errors, activate the cheat code


. This code increases the skills of possession of weapons.

Download Mod on a policeman for GTA San Andreas

Automatic installation. Last version, with weapons.

Download Mod on a policeman for GTA San Andreas (2 options)

Manual installation with a description of the process.

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