Skyrim is the extreme part of the legendary series of role-playing games from Bethesda. Huge open world, branched pumping system, multifaceted plot and many secrets that you have to look for yourself and find in the most unexpected places. In this article you will learn how to get into the room of developers in Skyrim.

What it is?

In games from the company Bethesda, the console of the commands play a big role, which you can call the "~" keyboard by default. Opening the console, you can enter cheat codes, various teams for moving, opening new features of the game and much more. These features are available in the role-playing games of the "Follut" series and others.

The game has a separate room that contains all things from Skyrima. Here you will find all weapons, armor, objects for crafting, books and more. The room is decorated in the form of a standard dungeon. All items are distributed over the chests and shelves. Once with the help of Chita to this room, you can take everything that will fit into your backpack, and pick up a "Skyrima" into the world. With the help of one of the teams, you will learn how to get into the developer room in Skyrim. Check out the instruction presented below.

How to get into the developer room in Skyrim

Special room with all things

Tell me how to get into the location of the developers. First you need to open the console using the "~" button on the keyboard. Here you enter all the codes and teams for Skyrim. Cheat on the developer room - Coc Qasmoke. After that, press the ENTER key. Your playing character will instantly postpone into a secret room. Pick all that you consider fit. You can also enter the code for unlimited weight in the backpack to bring the maximum number of things. How to get into the developer room in Skyrim, you know. But how to get out of there in the usual location?

Skyrim Cheat on the developer room

To do this, open the console and enter the COC Riverwood command there. You will postpone back to Riverwood. You can also enter the name of another location to move into it. Now you know how to get into the developer room in Skyrim, and you can get any gaming equipment.

  • World Tes: Skyrim is a fairly unique place. Here every character has its secrets and riddles. But there are secrets that you would not know so far. Hello everyone, with you magazine "All about everything" And today I will tell you about hidden and not available locations , To get into which you can on the basis of my tips. And before you start, subscribe to our channel, so as not to miss the latest articles from the world of video games. So, let's start....
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TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers
TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers
  • There are such locations when the input for players is closed for various reasons, such as stopping the development of location or at all hidden rooms initially intended for the game developers. And all these locations combines the fact that in the location you can not get any of the usual gaming methods. So today we will penetrate them with the help of console teams. Having considered the most interesting ones from the first location that was abandoned by developers for incomprehensible reasons.
  1. The first location is in the brain of the deceased insane emperor Pelagia 3. The patient of Pelagia is a blue foggy glade with three trials, but so everyone knows everything well, so we will go right away right away. Few people know that here in his brain you can get a hidden location for what to take advantage of the team, which makes it possible to go beyond the borders of the invisible zone. After that, passing to the end of the map to the West at the very end of her end, we will see lonely standing doors, which at first glance, it seems that they do not lead anywhere, but still, coming closer, we see the inscription "madness mind".
TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers
TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers

Opening the door, the boot menu appears, carrying us into a new location. At first glance, location is nothing surprising, but if you use the team, and remove the camera, you can see that our character is in a small toy, a doll house, standing on the table on the room. The miniature size of the house, confirms the lamp standing in the corner of the room.

TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers

It is a pity that this location was never completed, maybe it would have expanded the existing quest about Pelagia 3.

2. The next room has been added after the release of the "Guard of Dawn" is released. It consists of white, equal facing setting, which in the whole game is found only in this place. It was made to adjust the movement of the NPS on moving objects, which can be judged by three staggering bridges, without support, on each of which move from side to side by one guard.

TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers
TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers

3. Next location to disclose the riddle about where the characters disappear after their death. And now we can see this place with our own eyes.

TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers
TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers
TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers

Teleport we will be in the room called " Cleaning dead bodies ", So we fall into the room consisting of two identical corridors crossing each other in the center, each of which is illuminated by its color, purple, or bright green. It is here that the bodies of previously killed, with us the characters are scattered. So for example, on the floor, we see the lying "warm kind", which we killed during the quest from the Dark Brotherhood.

TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers
TES: Skyrim Hidden and Inaccessible Locations Secrets Developers

That's all friends. Share your opinion for which three statues are installed in the second location. Thank you for your attention, all the best to you, to new meetings.

Hello everyone from the wanderer. Xd.

Today I will tell you about the cheat version to get armor or steep weapons.

This is what the room looks like:

In each chest of its belongings: in one enchanted armor in another normal.

At the end of the room, they find: forge, tanning machine, workbench, alchemical laboratory ,,,,

In order to enter the room you need:

1) Open console (Russian letter E or ~).

2) Enter into the Coc Qasmoke Console (without ").

3) Press ENTER. :)

(P.S. Yes, I took my armor in it).

After all the way, finding what you need. You want to get out of the room for this you need:

1) go to the console (Russian letter E or ~).

2) Enter "COC Riverwood" (without ").

3) You will appear in Riverwood.

P.S. Do not overload the character things, otherwise you will have to walk to your home (fast movement with overload does not work).

As in Skyrime, find the development room with all things (secret cheat codes)

In Skyrime, the developer room is a special secret location, which contains all game objects and not only. It was necessary for the creators of Skyrim to verify the correct operation of the game mechanic and scripts. You can get into this test location at any time, if you type a special cheat code in the console.

How to get

In order to teleport to the developer room in Skyrim, you need:

  • Open the console string (button "~").
  • Drive the team:

Coc Qasmoke

Translated from English, this cheat code means "Cell in the center" (Center on Cell). Under cells, various levels and areas of Skyrima are meant. The word "smoke" (smoke) indicates that the location also checked the correctness of the lighting.

  • Press ENTER.
  • Press the "~" button to exit the console.

After that, Dovakin moves to the developer room.


This room in Skyrim has its own unique features than and interesting for players:

  1. Each of the chests, which is in the test contains things a specific category. There is everything, ranging from weapons and ending with rare quest artifacts. You can safely look at all these items, but do not rush to drag everything in your pockets, as it can break the game.
  2. The main campaign items lie in the coumen chest. Perhaps the developers chose them, since this type of container takes less space, and maybe just because this model was ready for the first.

    As in Skyrime, find the development room with all things (secret cheat codes)
    Delmer chests

  3. A secret developer room in Skyrim will look different depending on which DLC is installed. Supplement Dawnguard adds a large room and a corridor one way, and DragonBorn is two new rooms.
  4. In the room with all things in Skyrime there are also all types of crafting equipment.
  5. From strange items you can find 3 wooden brushes lying on the table. This table is placed in a place with a specific type of lighting, and the mackers are needed to check the shadows correctly discarded correctly.
  6. Some items that are in it are not available in the game itself. For example, the arrows of the Heroes of Nords.
  7. In fact, with the help of cheat codes in Skyrim, you can get into other tests intended for grinding other aspects of the game (dialogues, the main menu, etc.).
  8. The most memorable developer room contains corpses of all personal characters who managed to kill Dovakin. If your schedule hour counter exceeds 100 when entering the game, the game can "strange", failure to cope with the volume of corpses. You can get into it using a cheat code:

    Coc WideadbodyCleanupcell.

As in Skyrime, find the development room with all things (secret cheat codes)
Many Dovakin has already managed to kill

How to exit

Having in love with all local attractions, leave the location by typing in the console Cheat code:

Coc Whiterun.

After that, you teleport to Wetran and can continue the game.

Video Hyde.

Few role-playing games can be compared with the huge scale of Skyrim, one of the best games that Bethesda has done over the past decade. A wide variety of NPC, locations, items, quests and various situations helps the player to immerse themselves in this huge world.

Interesting Facts about the development room in Skyrim

Since Skyrim contains a huge amount of content, developers need to use efficient testing tools. This is how developers rooms appear, including thousands of items and various NPCs to check out all the conceivable. Players can enter this room in Skyrim, gaining " Coc Qasmoke "In the developer console. Here are some interesting things that you might not notice, studying this tool.

Developer room

DLC change the room

Supplements that you purchase for Skyrim change the hidden developer room. Dawnguard adds a huge hall and a corridor to one end, DragonBorn adds two more new rooms.

The area added by DragonBorn includes a small corridor, followed by location with chests, including all objects from the supplement. There was a room for testing the behavior of the NPC and creatures.

What does Coc Qasmoke mean?

Command "COC" - cut from "Center of Cell", "Cell Center". Cells are various areas and levels in Skyrim. However, the cell is needed to be the name and is Qasmoke. Probably, it was a place where testers (Qa Engineers) checked the functionality of the elements of the game and followed the correct display of the lighting. Hence the name (Quality Assurance - quality control, smoke - smoke, fog): QASMOKE.

Many rooms

Although Coc Qasmoke is the most famous developer room in Skyrim, it is not the only one. There are many such "secrets", in which various things were tested.

There is a place to test dialogs, one more for the test of the main menu, and one for the storage of DLC beings. One of the rooms, COC WideadbodyCleanupcell, serves as a kind of cemetery of unique NPC. It contains all the "Nescript" having the name you killed in this passage.

Wideadbodycleanupcell Skyrim.

Be careful: if you play for quite a while, the transition to this cell can lead to a failure in the game, due to the huge number of corpses.

There is since Morrowind

Such locations are not exclusive Skyrim. If you played any of the three-dimensional Fallout, you can find similar places in them.

TODDTEST Merrurovind Secrets

This story begins with MorrWind. Oddly enough, the developer room for this game was called Toddtest, referring to Todd Howard and his participation in the development of Morrowind.

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