How to add new channels to satellite tuner

To one of the most popular issues asked by satellite television owners, we can safely attribute the following:

  • How to add new channels to the tuner?
  • How to configure the channel on the satellite?
  • How to find a channel on new parameters?
  • How to add a new frequency (transponder) if it is not in the satellite list?
  • ...

Due to the fact that the settings menu may differ on different satellite receiver, consider searching the channels on the example of the menu of the most popular tuner. In some receiver, there are so-called "blind" (automatic) channel search. But, since not in all tuners, this feature is present and does not always work correctly, we will not consider such a search in this article.

Manual search channels in satellite receiver

Channel Parameters on our website

To begin with, in the frequency table you need to determine the settings for the necessary channels. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that your satellite system is configured to receive from satellites where you have the desired channels.

Login to the main receiver menu

1. B. Main menu Receivers find item Settings (Installations, Installation) Antennas. If there is no such item, in some tuners these settings may be in paragraph "Search channels" . Entering this menu item, we must detect the satellite settings (satellite name, LNB, DiseqC type, Polarization type, LNB power, level scale and signal quality, etc.). In different receivers, these signatures may differ slightly.

Select satellite

2. Click "OK" on the name of the satellite and choose the desired list from the drop-down list .

Press the yellow button to edit frequencies

3. Press Yellow button on the remote control, as a result, go to Frequency editing menu .

Enter the necessary parameters

4. Click Green button (Add ") , I. Enter channel broadcast parameters According to the frequency table. If this frequency already exists in the receiver, the tuner will display the appropriate message about it and goes to the specified frequency.

5. After all manipulations, it remains only to click Red button remote control ("Transponder Scanning") And then - the "OK" button to search for channels by specified parameters.

6. Next, using the "EXIT" button on the remote control, come out of all installation menus, while agreeing With the preservation of all the changes entered.

Usually, new scanned channels appear at the end of the general list of channels .

If for any reason it is not possible to find channels, we recommend contacting the nearest specialized place to install and configure satellite television systems!

And at the end of the video, as an example of setting the channels of the group "1 + 1"

Question connoisseurs: how to add a satellite on the receiver How to add a satellite Astra 4a?

Regards, Grishko Dudukorev

Best answers

Roman Sergeevich:

Manually score parameters you need to manually adjust the channels. And then, provided that the receiver, the converter and plate, provide a signal reception with the desired parameters.

Validity Proud loneliness:

,, finally! ((Pour to name !! ☺☺ who it is


This video will help to figure it out.

Answers known

Alexander Bogdan:

Victor Rodges:

Vladimir Yerömin:

Menu-Installation-Add (Color button, usually green). And easier or reflash tuner, or enter transponders to "fictitious", i.e. not used satellite.


If there is still no on the menu ... (which is extremely rare)

Option And if you do not have a warhead already tuned to Sirius - then you need to go to friends or familiar from whom Sirius is already there, and from their plates autoskner remember all the channels, the cat will find a scanner there. . (Scan on any unnecessary satellite, cat. There is in the menu) The name "unnecessary" will remain, but the frequencies and channels will be from Sirius. . (if there is a customized head - do it at home)

Option B.

If you live in the city (even small), go with my tuner to local houses. Market, and find a local seller there (or sellers) selling satellite equipment. . And ask to reflash (they usually always provide such a service.. Take in the area of ​​5 bucks ..)

With fresh firmware - all satellites will sing, and the channels already found there (including encoded BISS keys) ..

Just-A- Woman:

I'm not sure that you will confuse on the Astra, and there are no normal channels there. Although, of course, looking where you are

Vitaly FRACT:

Add there is unlikely to succeed, but edit unnecessary is quite possible, go to the menu, go to the settings and seeing the list of satellites become on the one that you really don't need it, click the yellow button, then blue and rename it, then enter aster frequencies (Sirius ) And scan, although it is easier to flash his firmware where this satellite is already present.

It is strange that you have no Sirius in the list of satellites, usually it is present in all firmware

Mr.heisen [BE] RG:

In my list, it is simply renamed "5", look for the opposite the names of the 4.8

In the modern world there is an increasingly advantage towards digital television. You can watch your favorite channels at home, regardless of weather conditions, add new channels, satellites and frequencies. As a rule, satellite television allows users to watch any channels for relatively small cost. However, it happens that such that any settings on your equipment are knocked up or there is no original. You should not ignore your hands and leave everything as it is, because you can manually control your receiver and add the desired channels. If when adding a channel it turns out that you simply do not have a necessary satellite, then it is not a problem - just settle this moment on your own using this article.


To begin with, take the remote from your receiver and adjust the TV to its display. As a rule, this is a switch "Exit" TV channels. If you have lost the remote, then the setting will proceed somewhat harder and longer, and often it will become simply impossible, since many receivers do not have the right buttons on their body and do not change their behavior.

Open the receiver menu. Sometimes it is the "Parameters" button, and sometimes "Settings".


From now on, all receivers operate in a bit different scenarios, but the principle remains the same. You need to go to the menu section that opens the settings of the channels, frequencies and satellites.
  • In some receiver, it is enough for you to click on the "Installation" item, and the menu you need will open.
  • However, in some cases, you will have to open the receiver emulator. This requires a certain combination. It can be a set of numbers "3776", "3677", "6377". It is best to open the Internet and enter your brand receiver or service provider. You will definitely find the combination you need. In extreme cases, you can always just try to enter it, nothing terrible will happen if you enter it wrong.

As soon as the EMU environment opens, you can select the section "Settings", where all information about channels, frequencies and satellites is located.


Now click on "Satellite". It is almost in any menu from any receiver. This clause contains information only about satellites: their name and degrees of inclination.

Please note that you need to learn all the necessary information about the satellite added on the Internet is the name and degree. It is very easy to find such information, just "Wheel" into the search string already known to you the name of the satellite.


In the satellite menu, click on the Add button. As a rule, the "Add", "Edit" operation, "Delete" and other are controlled using color buttons on your control panel. Carefully read the prompts at the bottom of the screen - they will indicate what you do.

If the number of satellites exceeded the permissible norm, then you will first have to remove unnecessary satellites. You can find them if there are no checkmarks next to them. Removal occurs also through color buttons.


Enter the name of the satellite and its degrees in the field. Data Take from the Internet.

Instead of the keyboard, you will use the remote control and the on-screen keyboard. Management is quite simple and will not cause you difficulty.


Click "OK" as soon as you finish the addition. Now you need to perform a satellite search to customize his work. Click on the button that is responsible for the search. Again, you can read the prompts at the bottom of the screen.


Send from the satellite menu and select the satellite you have added in a special line. To do this, simply click on the arrows to the right and left to set the value you need.

As soon as the added satellite appears in the row, just leave it at this place and leave the menu.

Now you can customize the channels on this satellite, search for them. Adding satellites is different on different receivers, however, knowing this principle, you can easily find all the settings on your hardware.

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